What are external batteries

The power consumption of a gadget is just as important an indicator of its efficiency as a set of options or the volume of an address book. The lower the battery capacity, the cheaper the gadget is. Of course, you can reduce the power consumption of devices using power saving settings, but this is all a temporary measure. Salvation can be an external battery that connects to the gadget, usually an adapter cable.

Battery selection

When choosing an external battery, you need to decide for which device you need it. This is necessary in order to correctly calculate the current, which will produce a portable battery. For example, a tablet consumes an order of magnitude more electricity than a regular mobile phone.
Now on the market are common external batteries with a capacity of 4000 to 6000 mAh, as if they are a kind of standard. Also on the market there are batteries with a capacity of 12,000 mAh made in China at a reasonable price, but with careful verification it turns out that their working capacity is no more than 6000-7000 mAh.So if you want not to miscalculate the price and buy a quality product, then buy external batteries with a capacity of 6000 mAh.
When choosing a device, you also need to pay attention to the current that it is capable of producing when charging. The initial operating voltage for most US and Malaysian gadgets is 3 amperes, respectively, it is advisable to choose a battery with a current of 3 A and a battery voltage of 5 V. The voltage of many external battery batteries is 3.7 V, and for charging devices a voltage of 5 V is required. In order to increase the voltage, a step-up circuit is used which consumes a lot of electricity, as a result the phone or tablet is very quickly discharged.
As a rule, an external battery has connectors for micro USB and USB in the amount of from two to five. Modern models have power and charge indicators made on the basis of LEDs, digital indicators are less commonly used, they are much higher, but using such batteries is more convenient.

Production and cost of devices

The average price in Russia for external batteries with a capacity of 4 thousand mAh ranges from 2.5 to 3.2 thousand rubles.But if you want to buy a device cheaper, then use the services of online stores. The highest quality models are offered by Germany and the USA, the Malaysian devices occupy an average market niche, the cheapest segment is Chinese and Indian.

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