What are seamless ceilings

Cloth seamless ceiling has a small density (220-240 grams per cubic meter), so when installing it there is no need to use a massive and complex metal frame. In this regard, his device is greatly simplified and becomes cheaper, due to the lower price of frame materials and labor savings of installers. If necessary, the seamless ceiling can be dismantled in a short time. This operation will not require significant rearrangements that may cause inconvenience to residents.

Advantages of a seamless ceiling

Having a fairly small weight, seamless ceiling has high strength. It can withstand a pressure of 100 liters per 1 m2 of area. Such strength is achieved due to the absence of connecting seams, as well as due to the special processing of the web. Such a ceiling not only completely transforms the room, but also provides it with reliable protection against flooding.
As a rule, the canvas of a seamless ceiling has a width reaching 5 meters, which is quite enough for an apartment.If the room has dimensions larger than the width of the ceiling, the canvas of the required width can be ordered from the manufacturer. In addition, the material has a shrink factor of 1.2, which guarantees the preservation of elasticity and the original appearance for the entire lifetime.
Due to the fact that the seamless ceiling is initially white, designers have a wide field of activity. They can give it almost any color. In addition, ceilings may vary in texture.

Glossy and matte surface of a seamless ceiling

The surface of the seamless ceiling can be glossy and matte. Matte ceilings in their appearance resemble high-quality plaster or whitewash. But unlike them, the seamless matte ceiling does not lose its attractiveness over time. Such matte surfaces are ideal for rooms that have a conservative style: conference rooms, offices, offices.
Ceilings with a glossy texture have a wide variety of colors. They also reflect up to 80% of sunlight, as a result of which the room becomes visually lighter. The disadvantage of glossy surfaces is their high cost.

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