What are the first signs of stomach cancer?

The main reasons leading to the appearance and development of a malignant tumor in the stomach are: viruses, exposure to chemicals (carcinogens), malnutrition, ionizing radiation, smoking, immunodeficiency. In particular, it turned out that some viruses (papillomavirus, Epstein-Barr virus) with prolonged exposure can be inserted into the cell's genome and change it, as a result, the cell becomes alien. Carcinogens selectively affect the DNA of cells and can change it. The systematic use of spicy, fried foods leads to prolonged irritation of the gastric mucosa and the development of tumor cells.
The ionizing radiation includes X-rays, radiation, they lead to the degeneration of the cells of the body. The development of cancer largely depends on the state of the immune system. It is known that in the body every 20 min.a genetically alien cell appears, however, if the immunity functions normally, the lymphocytes destroy it. The causes of gastric cancer also include diseases that trigger it: chronic atrophic gastritis, ulcers, erosion, gastric polyps, and duodenal-gastric reflux.
The early signs of gastric cancer are quite difficult to trace, as they are very vague and similar to the manifestations of gastritis or peptic ulcer. For the first time, the symptoms of a stomach tumor in the early stages were diagnosed by L.I. Savitsky, a famous oncologist. It was he who introduced the concept of "small signs syndrome". From their appearance to the onset of the disease takes no more than a year. Such symptoms include gastric discomfort, manifested by severity in the epigastric region, heartburn or belching with air, unreasonable weakness, changes in well-being, decreased performance. There is a deterioration in appetite and even aversion to food, nausea, vomiting.
Signs of cancer also include: drastic weight loss, pallor of the skin, depression, apathy, poor sleep, fever to subfebrile indicators.As the disease progresses, constipation, diarrhea, pain in the upper abdomen, which give back, appear. Subsequently, the pain becomes intense, unbearable. If the tumor has destroyed the vessels, gastrointestinal bleeding may develop. It is characterized by severe weakness, the patient may lose consciousness. There is severe vomiting of blood and black stools.

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