What are the myths about hand washing

It would seem that such a simple and daily performed ritual cannot be performed incorrectly, however, there are some nuances and peculiarities here.

Wash hands only with warm water.

Some people prefer to wash their hands with hot water to kill germs and bacteria. However, microorganisms do not care: hot water or cold water, they can be destroyed only with boiling water. There are few people who want to hold their hands in boiling water for a couple of minutes.

Antibacterial soap is preferable to ordinary toilet.

If you believe advertising, the antibacterial soap can kill all the existing microbes, but plus the purity of hands lasts about a day. In fact, antibacterial soap is quite a bit more active than toilet soap, and its everyday use can be harmful. The fact is that antibacterial soap contains triclosan, which, when interacting with chlorine water, forms a carcinogenic substance - chloroform.

The duration of the procedure does not matter

Every time we return from the street, we simply rinse our hands with running water. However, hands need to be washed for at least half a minute, and special attention should be paid to the interdigital zone and the skin under the nails.

Hand washing can be replaced with wet wipes or antiseptic gel.

Indeed, in some situations, a gel or cloth can be a real salvation, but only where there is no water. Gels sold in a store usually have a weak effect, and their prolonged use causes dry skin.

Wiping your hands is not necessary

Most of the townsfolk believe that it is enough to wash with soap and health problems will not. However, wet hands are an excellent breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria, so hands must be dried dry.

It is better to use a dryer than paper towels.

In large shopping centers, hospitals, various institutions, in the toilet rooms hang in the dryer. Many prefer to use them as an alternative to a paper towel. However, if the dryer is not regularly cleaned, it becomes home to various bacteria and viruses that naturally fall on our hands.

Frequent hand washing causes dry skin

If you wash your hands with soap, to which a softening component is added, there will be no problems, but frequent use of an antiseptic when washing may cause dryness and irritation.

Gloves instead of washing hands

Some people naively believe that latex gloves completely replace the washing process. In fact, before wearing gloves, hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and then wiped dry. The fact is that gloved hands sweat much faster and create a moist and warm environment in which bacteria multiply much faster.

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