What can I put the status?

Together with the development of the field of computer technology, the possibility of exchanging information between people has greatly expanded. This is evidenced not only by the regular appearance on the Internet of many thematic portals and forums, but also by a large number of social networks. As a rule, most Internet users use 2-3 such networks, where they have their own pages and share news, as well as learn about events in the lives of their friends, relatives and acquaintances. This form of communication quickly gained the attention of both sexes at different ages.

Especially popular with account holders is the feature that allows you to set an individual status, which is usually located in the most prominent place next to the main photo of its author. Statuses can be published both in textual and graphical form, and their main task is to reflect the user's mood. Often they take a joking form or are a well-known or not very quotation.The status can be updated at any time or not published at all, but when the question arises of what status could reflect the thoughts and mood of a particular moment, we often lack words, and we set off to surf the global network with the question: put VKontakte? In order to solve this problem, users turn to the thoughts and statements of famous philosophers or popular contemporaries. Both boys and girls often think about the status that can be set, endlessly looking at and selecting the most accurate and interesting phrases.

Statuses for guys

In fact, it would seem, the question of what status to put a guy is not at all complicated, but he often worries representatives of this sex at any age. Here a lot depends on the reason why the page owner decided to publish his status. In most cases this is, of course, the desire to interest the girl, and sometimes just to attract the attention of friends. In this case, the status should be really interesting or intriguing. Sometimes, just a good joke or anecdote makes you want to talk with their author, and witty phrases are quite capable of interest for the fair sex.

We will not give specific examples of statuses, they can be found in abundance on the Internet, it is enough to enter into the search: "statuses for guys" or "what status to put a guy." However, remember that the proposed options are probably the most popular ones, therefore, by choosing one of them, you will be unoriginal. It is much better to use favorite quotes from other sources: from the song of your favorite band, from the film, from the book.

Statuses for girls

It is necessary to recognize the fact that girls today are more active in social networks than representatives of the male part of the Internet population. And the question of what status to put the girl is the subject of much thought. Often, the purpose of publishing status is to create a special intriguing image or to show intelligence and education. And then we see on the pages of girls mysterious: “A woman can be mysterious, a man - only misunderstood ...” or witty: “You have to get a job for the mean. He pays twice! ” The opportunity to put an individual status today is provided by almost all known social networks, and the question of what status to put on Odnoklassniki or VKontakte will remain a long time to come.

And the advice in choosing the status is the same as for the guys: do not take popular Internet quotes, use good favorite phrases from other sources, so you will show your individuality, and you will look much more interesting and attractive to many on the social network. And even better - quote yourself!

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