What can you give a woman?

There is a mass of things, having given which, it is possible to bring joy to the woman. In this case, of course, you must follow the basic rules of etiquette. Universal gifts, in addition to flowers, do not happen: something that will please one woman may be inappropriate or even offensive to another. The fact that you can present to your beloved or just a friend, colleague, and what gifts it is better to refuse, read on.

Variants of gifts for women


Perhaps this is the best that you can give a woman. After all, such a gift is not only very beautiful, but also solid, especially when it comes to precious metals and precious stones.

When choosing a jewel, you should consider the following nuances:

  • If you are not sure in the tastes of the addressee of the gift, then give an elegant classic. A woman can always find a reason to wear this jewelry.
  • Although diamonds are considered “best friends of girls”, they are more suitable for ladies who are mature. And therefore you should not give a young girl / young woman literally screaming about her exorbitant price weighty necklace or heavy earrings with large stones.If you want to donate diamonds (as well as rubies, grenades), then present something to the age-appropriate woman. Also not the best choice would be things from pearls - another “adult” element of jewelry.
  • Older women, on the contrary, inappropriate to give too small and inexpensive jewelry. If you cannot afford a respectable product, it is better to choose something else as a gift.
  • If you are buying not a headset, but a single product (for example, a ring or earrings), then consider which metal your friend prefers more. Thus, some women wear only gold, while others only silver. Otherwise, your gift to her is simply nothing to wear.


Dressing loves the vast majority of women, which means that a new addition to the wardrobe will be a great gift for the lady of the heart.

At the same time, it will be extremely difficult to pick up a thing, because you will need not only to correctly determine the size (and its parameters may turn out to be non-standard), but also the style of the dress. Therefore, the most correct decision will be to present a certificate for a particular amount, with which she can choose for herself something in her favorite boutique.The same applies to various kinds of accessories - hats, glasses and belts, scarves, bags.

Perfume, cosmetics

Another traditional type of gift for ladies. In this case, the choice here will probably be even more difficult than with clothes, unless you know exactly what kind of fragrance / cosmetic your friend / beloved dreams.

Otherwise, the same gift certificate for the required amount will come to the rescue. Today all decent shops will be able to offer it. Just present it along with a bouquet of flowers and good wishes.


Do you think that super-modern gadgets can impress only a man? And in vain - the fair sex will also appreciate the high-quality high-tech equipment. And because such a gift will always be relevant and desirable.

It is better to stop the choice on the things intended not for housekeeping, and for rest, business tasks. It can be a smartphone, tablet or electronic reader, for example, something for a car (TV, navigator, for example). If a lady is a creative person with a delicate artistic taste, then, quite possibly, she will also like a gift in the form of a camera (better, of course, a mirror one).

On the other hand, if you are connected with a woman for many years of close friendship or even love, then it will not be a shameful gift for her and a device that will be useful in everyday life. There are a lot of options: oven, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, multi-cooker, dishwasher, weather station, air purifier / humidifier, aerogrill, iron and so on.

Things for home

If you are well versed in the taste preferences of a woman, then you can donate items that will decorate the interior of her apartment / house. It may be:

  • table or floor flower vase, fruit / sweets vase;
  • designer doll;
  • exotic flower in a beautiful pot;
  • table or tea set, a set of bar utensils;
  • exquisite chandelier, table lamp, floor lamp;
  • a set of bath towels (preferably with a bathrobe);
  • linens;
  • candlesticks and candles;
  • beautiful stylish tray;
  • picture;
  • photo frames, for example, made of silver, designer forging;
  • decorative pillows;
  • tablecloth and napkins for the festive table (from high-quality dense fabric);
  • cozy warm blanket, bedspread;
  • small pieces of furniture: coffee table, telephone table, stool, ottoman, chest of drawers, shelves, and so on.

What not to give?

Superstitions, as well as the rules of etiquette do not recommend giving women the following things:

  • Clock. They allegedly can contribute to the separation.
  • Mirrors Through them can enter the house of bad energy, evil.
  • Personal hygiene items and caring products / appliances (for example, a depilator, a foot massage bath).
  • Underwear (unless you are in a love relationship with a woman).
  • Things hinting at the ladies age. In particular, this applies to cosmetics, certificates for visiting therapeutic procedures in the spa (for example, anti-cellulite massage, facial cleansing, beauty injections).
  • Means for weight loss, body shaping.

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