What did the stars look like on Fashion Week 15 years ago and now?

The most famous guests of the first rows have changed a lot.

For people from the first rows of fashion shows, we are observing almost more carefully than what is happening on the podium. Actresses, supermodels, fashion bloggers - they, in fact, decide the fate of a collection. And their outfits are no less relevant than those presented by the designer.

Some fashion divas attend almost every Fashion Week (and how many of them pass a year!), Others watch the shows only from time to time. Among the celebrities, Wday.ru has found those who have not been in the front row for the most interesting design shows for several decades now, and have followed the path of how these star beauties themselves and their style have changed.

In the early 2000s, on the podiums and in the front row, real fun reigned, and now the beauty of this time seems to be total bad taste. Fur vests and fluffy "Angora" sweaters, hippie prints, dresses on very thin straps - this is how trendsetters wore at that time. EvenAnna WintourandNaomi Campbellcame to the shows in fur vests and, despite the quite heated room, sat in them until the end of the show.

Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell 15 years ago and now
Photo: Getty Images

Another sign of the beginning of zero is the universal star (and not only) love of pink. For example,Lindsey Lohancombined open fuchsia dresses with black tights. For the sake of justice, of course, I must say that the actress, in principle, never had a good taste. But the black “balaclava” dresses in which she comes to Fashion Week now, still look better. Her love for the pig's shade was shared andParis Hilton,which, by the way, easily came to the social events in a sports sweater on the lock, and the top modelBrooke shields.

Lindsey Lohan
Lindsay Lohan 15 years ago and now
Photo: Getty Images

Well and, of course, another trend - denim worship. Low-rise flared jeans, which now seem ridiculous and old-fashioned, were worn old and young and easily tied them up with ruffle tops, likeDiane krugerand with teacher's blouses likeJessica Albaand even ... with dresses likeVanessa paradis.

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba 15 years ago and now
Photo: Getty Images

The motto “more body”, it seems, has always been and will long be in demand among stars of all ranks and stripes. But if now the famous girls choose elegant transparent dresses or sparkle provocative cuts, then in the 2000s everything was easier. Celebrity preferred to bare the stomach and shoulders, despite the fact that someone, let's saySerena williamsorSarah Jessica Parker, it is generally strictly contraindicated.

See how the stars dressed in Fashion Week 15 years ago and now in our photo gallery.

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