What do girls like? This is the question that every young man asks, who decides to please the lady she likes. Unfortunately, it is impossible to unequivocally answer this question, because all the young ladies are different. Therefore, in this article we will talk about what most girls might like.

What do girls like?


Virtually every girl has ever read a love story or cried during the Titanic movie. The inner world of any girl is filled with endless dreams of passion, romantic dates and beautiful princes. If you want to achieve a girl, you will have to, at least for a while, become part of her imaginary world. Give her a romantic adventure, give flowers, make sincere confessions. But do not overdo it with the advances, because not every girl will be able to appreciate your obsession and persistence. Everything should be in moderation, beautiful and sensual, like in the movies.

Beautiful things

The heart of each girl simply can not be indifferent in front of a gorgeous dress or a pair of expensive shoes. Girls always strive to stand out among the crowd and look prestigious, respectable and unique.Fashionistas are ready to spend hours looking at glossy magazines in search of ideas for her new wardrobe. Often, girls do not regret large sums of money for a new handbag or coat.

Tasty food

That delicious food gives the girl endless pleasure. Culinary tastes will be able to say a lot about the character of the girl. If you want to give your girlfriend a good impression, bring her to a Japanese restaurant and treat sushi.


Every girl is almost obsessed with keeping her body in good physical shape. The fitness rooms in the evenings are full of ladies who work on themselves in their free time from work and study. After all, there is nothing better than a healthy body and beautiful physical form. Recently, there are more and more ads about yoga or dancing. Strange as it may seem, girls have sports and dance clubs in great demand.


No weekend self-respecting girl does not pass without jogging shopping. Most often, shopping is an effective way to relax and distract from problems. Usually a girl doesn't have to spend large sums of moneysome people just have to wander through the departments of the shopping center to learn about fashion trends and look after themselves with something from clothes or cosmetics. Particularly pleasant shopping can be in the company of the best girlfriends.


All girls love animals. In order to cheer up a girl, it is enough to take her to a zoo or to an exhibition of exotic animals. If a girl lives all alone and has long dreamed of having a pet, give her a puppy or kitten. Such a gift might win her heart.

The photo

In addition to preening at the mirror, any girl loves to pose in front of the camera. A young man who can take good pictures is simply worth his weight among girls. After all, photography is a great way to express yourself. So the girl will be able to demonstrate their talent in choosing an image, creating makeup and hair.

What do girls like in sex?

The answer to this question for most men remains a mystery. A man who can bring pleasure to a girl is now a rarity. Tenderness and affection - this is the first thing that girls expect from their partners.Only in this way can a woman feel that a man loves, appreciates her and feels awe. Being convinced of a good attitude towards herself, the girl will always reciprocate.

Do not forget that all girls love the prelude to sex. Women, unlike men, are very slowly excited. In order to excite a girl, act on her hearing, vision and erogenous zones. Sensitive areas for girls are usually the lower abdomen, the inner surface of the thigh, the loin and the area between the shoulder blades. Use such caresses as kisses, hugs, strokes, touching the chest, thighs, buttocks and external genitals.

It often happens that a girl cannot fully relax in bed due to strict upbringing and certain stereotypes. So make the girl confide in you to unlock her emotions and desires. Knowing her desires, you can give the girl pleasure.

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