What do people collect?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
Ksenia Vilinskaya
January 23, 2015
What do people collect?

Surely you have a friend, friend or relative who is a keen collector or collector. Seeing at least once, with what enthusiasm new specimens in his collection are welcomed, it's hard not to get infected. If you do not have such a hobby yet - why not start it? Not sure what to collect? Study the examples of what other people collect - perhaps a certain direction will interest you.

Types of collectibles

  • Philately. Contrary to popular belief, philatelists collect more than one brand. This area covers everything related to mailings - stamps, seals, labels and provisions, stamps, etc.
  • Numismatics. It’s not even a collector’s field, but a separate science that studies the history of money — paper bills, coins, and other types of money circulation. However, no one forbids simply collecting old or modern money "for the soul".
  • Magnetophilia. Many people are passionate about this hobby.Rarely one can see bright magnets on the refrigerator door. For many, picking up magnets, often brought from other countries, is an interesting and fun activity.
  • Biofilia. Biofily - lovers of beer paraphernalia, which includes stickers, labels, beer cans, bottles and barrels, anecdotes about beer. The drink itself such gatherers can not use and not love.
  • Phillumeny. Collecting matches, matchboxes, labels.
  • Militaria So called collecting items of military subjects. These are medals, orders, clothes, etc. Naturally, the weapon also comes in here, sometimes very valuable.

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