What do the soldiers dream about

Interpretations of different dream books about soldiers slightly differ from each other, but most often such a dream is interpreted as a warning about the threat from people in power. Also, such a dream suggests that your environment, which you unconditionally trust, can be hypocritical, so you should be careful and more insightful. Think about what and where you say, images in a dream urge you to be vigilant in order to avoid undesirable negative consequences for you.

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The soldiers had a dream
The soldiers had a dream

What are the dreams of soldiers women?

If a woman sees a soldier in a dream, intrigues and insidious gossip are weaved around her, this can be a real threat to the loss of her reputation. You need to be extremely cautious, the behavior should not be provocative - this will allow you to either avoid negativity, or get out of trouble with minimal losses.

A man sees a soldier in a dream

If the soldiers come to a man in a dream, it means that financial matters do not go well with him. He either lost or loses a large sum of money or an offer that is advantageous for a stable financial future.And although the period of material decline will not be long, get ready for severe physical and moral tests.

Other interpretations

To figure out what else the soldiers dream of, you need to recall the details of the dream.

If you see yourself as a soldier or are in the disposition of troops, you have some internal fears that you are afraid to face face to face, but sooner or later you will have to do it. It can also mean that you are constantly confronted with dangers in life, you should be extremely careful and careful not to mess things up.

If you have dreamed in a dream that you are helping the wounded soldier, then your pity and empathy for other troubles will bring you some difficulties. Stock up on a healthy egoism, taking on a lot of responsibilities, you will very soon become morally extinct. Dead soldier to the imminent loss of a loved one or serious illness.

A company of soldiers in a dream warns of upcoming difficulties, long and painstaking work, but after it you will expect a substantial monetary reward. On the other hand, a massive concentration of military personnel suggests thatthat you have a certain fear of society.

Marching fighters - your business is getting better, you just need to clearly articulate your thoughts and desires. Soldiers in battle say that they face some cataclysms in life, the outcome of which directly depends on the outcome of the battle in a dream.

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