What do the twins dream of

The birth of twins is still a bit of a mystery. But what can identical people in a dream symbolize? Such an unusual dream is intriguing and frightening. Dream interpretation in different ways interpret this image.

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what do the twins dream of
What do the twins dream of

East Dream

Twins in a dream - a sign of stability in life, a relationship of trust. But if at the same time the twins are unwell, then wait for trouble.

The newest dream book

Twins symbolize a difficult situation in life that requires your decision.

Psychoanalytic dream book

Turning to the subconscious, you will understand what the twins dream about. They have always been considered a symbol of unity, harmony, balance of bad and good.

Family Dream

To see twins in a dream - believe in your own strength, agreement will come between you and your loved ones.

Combined dream book

According to the dream book, twins, seen in a dream, mean well-being in a married couple and good luck in all matters.

To feed the twins - quite surely, you will find unprecedented success.

Siamese twins in the dreams of free people foreshadow a speedy happy marriage, and for couples such a vision foreshadows an addition.

If in a dream you met your exact copy - your dream is most likely not feasible.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Dream interpretation believes that the question of what the twins dream of can be answered ambiguously. On the one hand, it is a sign of confidence, stability, success. But on the other hand - indecision, slowness, fluctuations. Difficult to make a choice.

Also, the twins mean - friendship, consent, marriage.

Overgrown twins - heralds of happiness and success. But the sick - the difficulties in the affairs.

The dream of the medium Hasse

A dream of twins means you can wait for your children. Give birth to twins in a dream - you will find a family holiday.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

According to the dream book, the twins in the dream will bring you a stable position in society, confidence in affairs.

Single to dream in a dream alien twins - to be married, and for couples - numerous offspring.

A girl dream of his own twins foreshadows a speedy motherhood.

Interpreter of the Wanderer

The twins symbolize hard choices.

Esoteric dream book

The birth of twins in a dream - get amazing news.

See them - satisfy your curiosity.

Dreaming about your own twin is a sign that you need to give yourself more attention.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

Interpreters consider twins to be an ancient symbol, which stands for fertility. If the twins are beautiful, your income will soon increase. Otherwise, you should wait for damages.

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