What do wives love?

From prehistoric times, women seek to hide behind a strong male shoulder in order to quietly raise children at a burning hearth and not to fear neither hunger, nor cold, nor a saber-toothed tiger. Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in different historical epochs tried to prove to the world and themselves that “they don't call a good thing a marriage”. Remember the warlike Amazons and the freedom-loving heterosexuals, it is their emancipated followers who actively defend the right of a woman to freedom, career and loneliness. In modern society, marriage is no longer a "holy" concept and an unmarried woman is not a persona non grata. But how to explain the fact that business and unapproachable beauties still, like hundreds of years ago, strive for marriage, sacrificing their careers, friends, peace of mind and personal interests. Let's try to figure out what wives love in a marriage and for the sake of what the whole mess.

Social norms

The number of civil marriages is increasing every year and, according to the law, the rights of civil spouses are not much different from those that officially registered the marriage. But the majority of women consider such a marriage as inferior and by all means seeks to bring a partner to the registry office.What do wives love to marry? A married lady enjoys great respect in society, it is easier for her to get a good job and to get business connections. Employers believe that family people are more responsible in their work, they know how to plan time, make decisions and organize workflow. After all, they have behind them a huge experience in managing an enterprise called a family. Agree that the mother of the family causes more respect and trust than the windy beauty and unprincipled career woman. And even if these are only stereotypes, they are firmly rooted in the minds of most people. Also, do not forget about children. Having a record of the father in the metric protects the woman from the reproaches of the family and accusatory views of completely unfamiliar people, sometimes completely unfounded.

Money money

Often the reason for formalizing a relationship is the girl’s desire to become wealthy, especially if her financial situation does not add up. After all, youth goes away, but love does not come. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that. All the ladies dream of a strong and influential husband who will take care of them, provide and protect them from the "sinister". Man's wealth is a guarantee of the future of children.A woman, first of all a mother, who is worried about the fate of a child, even if it is planned, and the very instinct of procreation dictates a choice in favor of the strongest. It is bad when all that the wives love is to sit comfortably on the spouse's neck and not to take care of the children, the house, or the family. But there are women who devote themselves entirely to work, considering that family life is not for them. I do not want to upset them, but men's loads have a negative impact on the health and beauty of the fair sex. Medical studies have shown that intensive work increases the level of androgens in the female body - male sex hormones, resulting in a huge number of aesthetic diseases - hair loss, acne, excessive body hair and a decrease in sexual desire. The ability to shift a part of their financial worries onto the men's shoulders leads to the fact that the man can reach great career heights. After all, the time freed from work is devoted to a woman who loves wives. She can spend more time caring for her husband and taking care of herself in order to always remain beautiful and desirable.

Scientists have proved that family life is good for health. Happy spouses are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular and oncological diseases, the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks is lower, and of course diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. After all, a family dinner is much more useful and more pleasant than eating lonely sandwiches and cakes.

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