What documents are needed for a car loan at VTB24

You will need
  • - application form for a loan;
  • - passport;
  • - rights;
  • - documents confirming income;
  • - documents confirming seniority;
  • - educational documents;
  • - documents confirming the presence of expensive property.
The most popular in the VTB24 is the AutoStandard program. It allows you to get a loan to buy a new or second-hand car for up to 5 million rubles. and up to 7 years. When you pay a CASCO from your pocket you will need a down payment of 15%, if this amount is included in the loan, you must pay from 30%. The interest rate will depend on the terms of lending, as well as the size of the initial payment and starts from a mark of 14%. The standard package of documents for the program includes an application form, passport, driver's license, copy of employment record, income certificate 2-NDFL (other documents confirming income), and, if available, documents on education and availability of expensive property.From the PI for confirmation of income will require a tax return for the last two periods with UTII or for the year under other tax regimes.
The Commercial Transport loan program will also require the provision of a full package of documents, including proof of employment and income. A loan of up to 2.8 million rubles is available. with down payment of 20%.
Under the AvtoLight loan program, you can get a loan of up to 2.8 million rubles. The initial installment is from 20% without the inclusion of hull insurance and from 40% - with hull insurance. The minimum interest rate is slightly higher than the previous program - from 15%. Its advantage is that the borrower needs only two documents - this is a passport, as well as any other one to choose from - rights, passport, military ID, official ID.
The Autoexpress program differs from all previous ones in the speed of consideration of an application (from 1 hour), as well as the possibility of registration without a hull insurance. But for this, the borrower must have a down payment of 30-50%. At the same time he will have to sacrifice a low interest rate. Under this program, it starts at 22% per annum. The loan is issued without confirmation of income and employment, according to two documents - a passport and another to the choice of the borrower.
Offer from our partner
VTB's car loan programs only allow you to purchase a used foreign car, but you cannot buy a domestic car.
Helpful advice
VTB24 has affiliate programs with a number of automakers that allow you to get a reduced interest rate. Among them are Hyundai, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, KIA, Lada, etc.

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