What does a woman with a broken heart want to explain to men

Past unfortunate romance is not a reason to stop believing in love. That's just how to make the new relationship brought less disappointment, and lasted longer? At the very beginning, the girl strongly hints or says directly what she doesn’t want and what she doesn’t accept, but if he hears ...

Don't be like him!

“He” means the previous one. All of his shortcomings enraged her, and perhaps they were the ones who led to the break, so at the start she is ready to warn you about those moments that will damage your joint happiness 100%.

Sometimes a girl wants the unreal not because of her desires from the world of fantasy, but because a man is simply not capable of being the one she dreams of, because he is the complete opposite of the picture of her ideal companion.

Be honest, sincere, present

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Yes, she burned. And perhaps more than once. Therefore, at the initial stage of the relationship, she wants the full truth from the partner, whatever it is.Do not hide from her own intentions and bad habits. Remember, there are no eternal secrets, everything sooner or later comes out.

I need your help

Any break in relationships is a stone to your self-esteem. Gone? Not pleased. Chose another? So I'm worse. Therefore, many women try to immediately enter into a new relationship in order to grow in their eyes, in the eyes of friends and, maybe, even the former.

But the most important thing here is that she is looking for your help and support, she longs for you to make a princess from Cinderella, because it is very painful to fall from the throne to the floor where the lentils are scattered.

And you have the honor of your “kiss” to spell a fragile, exhausted, suffering woman.

I do not want to remember anything

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Not all women want to share their problems with a former partner in a new relationship, because they don’t want to admit their weakness or simply don’t like to dig into dirty laundry. A man should respect this position of a woman and not ask her unpleasant questions.

I want in a relationship of ease

After parting, girls usually want to take a break from serious relationships and just flirt a little.A man should not insist on living together, all the best happens in the beginning.

A woman, having fallen in love, is able to create and create 24 hours a day. And a man for this does not even have to do. Enough warm text messages in the morning, gentle hugs at parting, a bouquet of flowers and a few surprises. And all she melted.

I do not want responsibility

No matter how sweet the affair begins and no matter how the man is a man in him, over time the woman begins to play the main role in the relationship, taking on too many responsibilities. And they, as you know, entail a burden of responsibility.

That is what is not so desirable in new relationships. I want everyone to decide for you, and sometimes even what you drink at breakfast - coffee or tea.

It is so nice to wake up from the scent of an economic, caring man.

I want to learn

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Every person comes into our life in order to teach us a lesson, and we intuitively look for someone who will give us new knowledge, emotions, and experiences.

This is how we grow, develop and become better when a person with other interests and opportunities appears in our field.

Help me forget

The best man for a woman is one who is able to protect her from the weather, from lack of money, from enemies, from a bad mood, and sometimes from herself.

Often, women enter into a new relationship after a break with precisely one, specific goal. They want a man to protect them from memories of the former, help cope with the desire to be with him, to return to him, to enter into new relationships with him.

Yes, usually these magic wands do not last long in the role of a lover, over time they become the rank of friends who know everything about a woman.

And why not just live and enjoy, why all the time from others to demand something and think that they should make our lives happier, more comfortable, better? And in general, why does a woman want to prove something to a man? Wday.ru asked the psychologist Natalia Shevtsova.
Natalya Shevtsova

- If after parting you want to prove something to the former - this is an indication that there are still many complaints inside, not lived emotions, offenses and, most likely, hope that you can still return. How to understand yourself and understand, do you really want to adjust what was, or is it time to understand everything, to forgive, let go and move on? Take a piece of paper and a pengive yourself an hour of time so that nothing and no one distracts, and write down the answers that come to mind to the question "Why do I want to prove something to this person?".

Write everything that comes, even if at first glance it will look like nonsense. When finished, re-read and listen to your feelings.

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