What does an entomologist do?

Elena Odushkina
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What does an entomologist do?

An entomologist is a zoologist who studies insects in their natural habitat. At the same time, modern entomology uses various technical equipment, which allows artificially creating favorable conditions for the growth and reproduction of insects. This makes it possible to study even rare specimens in the laboratory.

The result of the work of researchers is not only the discovery of new species and the study of the life and structure of insects. Thanks to the collected data, various methods of pest control and methods of protection are being created, technologies are being developed for growing beetles and larvae in artificial conditions intended for food. The entomologist is also involved in forecasting. At the same time, to protect rare and endangered species, reserves are being created under the guidance of scientists.

Because of the diversity of insects, there are various directions in entomology, for example, medical, agricultural, forestry, veterinary, beekeeping, sericulture, etc. The work of the entomologist is seasonal, requires patience and good observation.

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