What does the management company do?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
January 28, 2013
What does the management company do?

The management company is the housing and utilities service that is familiar to all of us, which homeowners are attracted to work under the contract. What does the management company do according to this document, which it has concluded with homeowners? The Criminal Code is responsible for a whole range of services to residents. This list may be minimal, which defined the legislation, or extended - depending on the agreement between the tenants and the company.

Management Company Rights

Servicing an apartment building is a responsible and hard job that only professionals must do. Residents are given the opportunity to choose this organization. The election of the management company is held at the general meeting of homeowners. Only after this moment all the care for the public service of the house rests with it.

The management company collects all payments from tenants that were agreed in advance in the contract.The necessary part of this amount must necessarily be transferred to the resource supplying organizations. If there are debtors on payment of utility services, then the organization is suing them. In addition, she has the right to control the timing of the work and the quality of services provided.

Responsibilities of the management company

Provision of utilities:

  • hot water supply;
  • cold water supply;
  • gas supply;
  • power supply;
  • heating.

Provision of services for the maintenance of common property:

  • monitor the technical condition of an apartment building by carrying out partial and general inspections of general communications, technical premises, technical devices and structural elements;
  • carry out an action plan for capital and current repairs of common property (entrances, walling, general communications, technical premises and technical devices), taking into account the requirements of regulatory bodies and regulatory and technical documents;
  • to immediately eliminate malfunctions and accidents in the common property of the house, restore security and life support conditions for the owners of the house;
  • perform sanitary work on cleaning and cleaning of the local area and common property of the house.

A company representative must attend all tenant meetings to listen to their wishes and familiarize homeowners with work plans.

Know that the activities of management companies are clearly stipulated in the law (Order No. 170 of the RF Gosstroy). It specifically outlines the time frame and what the management company must do. This order provides a minimum list of jobs, less than which the company has no right to do.

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