What does the sea seal by dream book

These cute, slightly awkward animals in dreams are a multi-valued symbol. Why dream of a seal?

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Dream Seal
What dreams seals for different dream books?

Dream Interpretation Felomeny

According to this dream book, the seal acts as a symbol of laziness, unwillingness to perform active actions. If in a dream you saw yourself among the seals - now is not the right time to achieve your goals.

To catch - you will achieve what you want, but it will not be easy to do, you need to strain all your strength.

To consider in a dream - the task that you set for yourself is too difficult.

Family Dream

If you had a dream from Thursday to Friday, get ready for surprises - soon you will receive an original gift from a stranger. To dream of an unfavorable sign from Friday to Saturday, he foreshadows discord in your family. Older and younger family members will not be able to come to a mutual agreement.

I dreamed that I was swimming up to you - your work schedule is too busy, you need a vacation.

A vision in a dream symbolizes your steadfastness, you will give up all your efforts to accomplish your goal.

Modern dream book

If you have a dream about a seal, this means that you have achieved success at work, but you feel insecure at the place you have received and do not know how to strengthen your position.

If you behave aggressively - you are ambitious and will fight for your professional name and reputation.

Gypsy dream book

According to this dream book, the sea, which you saw, foreshadows that you will soon go fishing.

Family Dream

Kill in a dream - to the realization of the most unimaginable fantasies. In a dream, to see yourself - in the near future laziness will overcome you. Dreamed of hunting - to achieve the goal, will have to work hard.

To see who are swimming - your dreams are very bold, for their realization you will need not only patience, but also good luck.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

According to this dream book, the seal symbolizes your position at work in a team. If you swim up to you - you will get a strong patron and find allies. To dream a lot - you have enough strong competitors to be noticed and appreciated by the authorities, you need to emphasize your advantages.

To hunt in a dream - you will be offered a place of work where you can fully realize yourself.

If in a dream was weak, sick, or dying - you worry that colleagues do not take you seriously, but these fears are in vain.

If you tried to play with you - you are too serious, at work you also need to be able to relax sometimes.

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