What dreams in a dream

Often a person dreams with various characters, existing and non-existent. Having seen a certain object, a person can easily interpret his dream, but what to do when only a voice is heard in a dream?

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Voice dream
Hear a voice in a dream, a dream book

The dream of the witch Medea

A dream where someone's voice is heard says that it is the voice of the inner self. If it is the voice of a close relative or relative who died in a dream, then such a dream can tell wise things and the truth about a situation.

Female dream book

Sleep with a pleasant and pacifying voice, like a dream that foreshadows good events, reconciliation. If in a dream coarse voices are heard, then such a dream can mean trouble in affairs. When a person hears someone crying in a dream, this will mark a person's own torments before the difficult situation that he is trying to create.

Erotic dream book

Hearing the pleasant voice of the former in a dream - means reconciliation with him, agreement and pleasant emotions, but if the voice of a close person is angry and rude, then such a dream may herald difficulties in love affairs, the presence of resentment.

Ukrainian dream book

A dream in which a voice was heard foreshadows profits and joy, but also such a dream can speak of an upcoming road or good news.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

If a person hears an unintelligible voice in a dream, then such a dream can mean gossip and deception, but clear and understandable - unexpected news.

French dream book

This dream book divides the voices that were heard in a dream into pleasant and rough. A pleasant voice promises danger in affection for a certain person. A rough voice or squeal may portend trouble.

Esoteric dream book

Hearing the voice of the deceased person in a dream means the appearance of problems that can lead to consequences that are quite pitiable for a person. In such a dream it is not recommended to eat and follow the dead person in a dream.

Dream of azar

The dream book of Azar rather unusually explains - what is the dream in a dream. According to this book, the heard voice of a mother may foreshadow a long separation from her. Also, a voice in a dream may foreshadow unexpected news.

Dream Magic Black Magic

He interprets the meaning of sleep with a voice quite differently.If the voices are gentle, pleasant, then such a dream can reveal many secrets and secrets for the dreamer himself. When the voices are terrible and unpleasant, then such a dream can mean that in the near future some kind of trouble can meet it.

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