Why dream of a tooth pulled out?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
February 22, 2013
Why dream of a tooth pulled out?

If you saw a tooth torn out in a dream, then we will immediately say that in the near future it is unlikely that good news will await you. Despite the fact whose dream you saw the tooth, and in what situations it happened, yet it does not bode well.

A dropped tooth means that in real life, most likely, you may have a lot of ordeals that will be very difficult for you to overcome. The main thing is not to despair in such cases. If you are confident in your abilities, then nothing will happen to you across the intended goal.

What dreams of a tooth pulled out that you saw from another person? This phenomenon in a dream will mean that all your attempts in life will fail so far. If a tooth fell out, or it was beaten out to another person in a dream, then you should look at your surroundings, perhaps among them there is a person who pretends not to be someone you are used to seeing near yourself.

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