What game to download for Android (Android)?

The modern operating system for mobile devices - Android, requires games written individually for her. What games are going on Android? Naturally written only for this system.

Many interesting, developing and simple, captivating with their gaming actions are already written, since this system is becoming more popular every day thanks to various devices using it. Having installed the system, or starting work on a mobile device with such an OS, the question arises - what are the games on Android? There are different genres and everyone can choose according to their taste.

brain teaser

Angular Velocity

It is an interesting logic game that delays you for long hours. The toy is based on physical laws that are not only respected, but also have the opportunity to consciously violate them. Love to hit the ball, and you wanted to get the evil neighbor out the window? In angular velocity, you can do it without fear. Play with a fantastically realistic ball.

100 Doors Revenge (100 doors of revenge)

A logic game developed by experts from 100 Doors 2013.The meaning of the game is that you need to try to open the elevator doors and go to the next floor. To enter the next elevator you need to guess and perform an action that will open the doors.

Around the World in 80 Days (around the world 80 days)

Exciting adventures of the sea in the air and on land, with famous heroes! For 8 dozen days to go around the whole earth and not just as it seems at first glance. Very good graphics, animation at the highest level. Interesting puzzles.


Battleship destroyer

Military exploits, for the benefit of the Motherland, seduce everyone. When you become the captain of a military frigate, it is easy to become a hero.

The ship does not make tourist cruises for entertainment, and participates in hostilities and the initial choice of weapons for the voyage is very important. It is possible to create your own scripts, and share them with other players. Weather conditions change constantly and make the game more naturalistic.

Ramayana War: Ocean Jump (ramayan wars the ocean leap)

The game plunges into Indian mythology, teaches to fly over the sea, constantly introduces new characters and an unprecedented view of the creature. Battles take place even inside the dragon. Manage the game at the highest level, three-dimensional graphics.

Invader Hunter

For lovers of space fiction. Dreamed of becoming a space hero-marines, saving the world from invaders? A game for you!

Top 10 Popular Games

If you have not decided which game to download for Android, then there are the top 10 best games for this operating system:

  • Angry Birds - an exciting game, draws your watch.
  • Abduction! - a simple game, but very interesting. Evil aliens steal your friends and you need to save them with the help of a jumping cow
  • Blow Up - Looks like Angry Birds. It is necessary to demolish buildings in a slightly different way.
  • NinJump - Take the ninja to the top of a huge skyscraper.
  • Jet car stunts –36 tracks on an ultrafast car.
  • Radiant HD - For lovers of space battles.
  • Tank Hero - the best traditions of the game - “Tanchiki”.
  • Slice It! - 140 levels of split screen.
  • Crazy Snowboard - Dreamed of snowboarding and performing all sorts of tricks? This is for you.
  • Armored Strike - Favorite by all - Worms is now for Android.

You can download games both from the Internet and share them with your friends directly using your smartphone.

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