What haircuts will be in fashion in 2014?

This season, designers around the world are looking for ideas from past years. Rethinking the variations of hairstyles, stylists provide an opportunity for all women of fashion to choose exactly the haircut that suits them. This applies to haircuts for long hair, and for short.

Haircuts suitable for short hair

As a few years ago, the first place is a haircut square. As they say, fashion has the property to return. For such a haircut, you can make a styling: straighten hair or curl slightly curls.
Bob - not less relevant haircut for the upcoming season of spring 2014. This hairstyle was quite relevant in the XX century. It is Coco Chanel who should be thanked for the appearance of such a refined haircut.To give some negligence, it is necessary to make easy styling. That is why you can be completely sure that your haircut will be appropriate in any image.
Geometric shapes are the trend of the spring 2014 season. This also applies to hairstyles.You can confidently ask your stylist to make you a straight bob with bangs. The length of this haircut should end at the chin line. If you suddenly decide to dye your hair, the most ideal for a hairstyle cut will be a rich coal color. However, you must be extremely attentive. For owners of a round face, such a haircut is categorically contraindicated, as it can add additional volume to their shape.

Haircuts for long hair

The main hit of the upcoming 2014 season is naturalness. This applies not only fashionable clothes, but also hairstyles. You can create a fashionable hairstyle yourself. To do this, just straighten your hair with a special iron, and then fix the result with special styling tools.You can also slightly change your hair color. In this case, it is recommended to use toning.

With a bang or still without her?

It should be noted that in the upcoming season are fashionable hairstyles, allowing you to open your forehead. However, bangs are popular, starting at the top of the head. It can be combed on the side and stabbed with a beautiful hairpin.If you decide to cut yourself a straight bang, it should be combined with curls.
Remember that in the upcoming season, any fashionista can choose for themselves a haircut for the soul. The main thing is that your hairstyle should be light, airy and slightly casual.

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