What if you are late

In your closet, there will surely be a couple of things that need not be ironed so that they do not seem rumpled and untidy. With clothes made from natural fabrics (flax, cotton, hemp) too much fuss, you have to spend on bringing it to its normal appearance for at least 15 minutes, and time is a great jewel for you. Therefore, choose a comfortable jumper with the addition of synthetic non-staining color. If you dirty that sweater by accidentally morning coffee, it will not be very noticeable. Do not choose clothes with a lot of laces or ribbons - you will probably get confused in them.
We'll have to sacrifice a full breakfast, because every minute counts. Have you got used to eat breakfast cereal and tea with a sandwich? No, you will be late for work. A can of green tea, a patty or a hamburger from McDonald’s and a chocolate bar is your choice today. Undoubtedly, this is not the most useful food, but nourishing, and in the case of your suddenly happened employment for the whole day, it will allow you to escape from hunger for a long time.If you have a sick stomach, you will need a snack with bread or a glass of low-calorie kefir.
Minibuses or subways are now too unpredictable for you - you can leave for them either in 20 minutes, or in 30 ... So you will be late even more. Therefore, call a taxi and offer the taxi driver to drive around all the “problem” ones in terms of traffic jams in a roundabout way to save 10 minutes.
Call the boss or negotiating partner and report a possible short delay. Apologize first, then report that you remember the appointment, but will be a little late, although you will try to do everything possible to prevent it. If the boss is dissatisfied and threatens with reprimand or dismissal, do not be rude and do not let your own nerves get out of control - this will completely ruin the situation.

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