What if your husband fell in love ... But not in you

To understand that a man has fallen in love with another is in fact very simple: he becomes indifferent, cold, and is removed from family problems. Or with gusto talks about the new indispensable employee, which often helps out of the goodness of his heart. To the questions: “Have you fallen out of love with me?” - usually answers that he is tired, a lot of work, or a mid-life crisis has suddenly struck.

What is absolutely unpromising to start doing in such cases?

That's right: hysteria, trying to denigrate the opponent and appeal to the conscience of the husband and his moral character. But if this man is dear to you and you still want to remain the one and only for him, you need to choose a different strategy.

If your man fell in love with another - this is a bell for you! You need to analyze your relationship and your behavior in your pair. Something has changed in you, and he found these qualities in a new muse. After all, men on the side are usually looking for not only sex, but the lost qualities of his wife, with whom he once fell in love.

What if your husband fell in love ... But not in you

Here is one case that looks like thousands of the same stories: the husband of Hope fell in love with his assistant. In marriage, they are 12 years old, there is a child, but this did not stop him. At first she noticed his detachment, then regular business trips began, and then he confessed everything. Michael said that he loves another, he can not live without it, he tried to fight the feeling, but it did not happen.

The first reaction of Hope was a hysterics with an analysis of the appearance and character of the assistant in details. But her husband’s response sounded overwhelming: “She’s good.” She told him: “Go away, traitor”, and he replied: “I’m not ready yet, but I’m not going to give up feeling for her.”

Then Mikhail offered his wife to go to another city with his son, where they bought an apartment two years ago, and he will pay for everything and come occasionally. Nadia refused, and her life turned into a swing; her husband went away, then returned, simultaneously pouring out her soul and invariably saying: "You are the best woman in my life." She even stopped scolding the other, because she understood that her rival was just as unhappy, that she was waiting for determination from her beloved man.

All advised to divorce, but Nadia pulled, because she loved him too much and was ready to change the situation, even if she had to change herself.But she understood that her husband saw her sister and mother in one person, and she wanted to remind him that she was a woman.

At first she pulled away and stopped listening to her husband's tearful stories about his love suffering. Then she took care of herself, got a job, and finally got divorced, gathering all the last rags in her suitcases, which her husband did not have time to pick up.

What if your husband fell in love ... But not in you

The end of the divorce came quickly: Nadia became the woman whom her former husband had initially loved - decisive, independent, in demand and inaccessible. Now Mikhail is again running after his wife, offered her hand and heart again, and she answers him: “I am not ready ...”

It is unclear whether she will be able to forgive him and whether these two have learned any lessons from what has been lived through, but, of course, it would have been better not to allow this to happen. I understand the advice from the series in hindsight, but it will help those who found themselves on the threshold of the same situations. In order to prevent the husband from falling in love with another, it is necessary to reconsider your attitude towards him and towards herself. Sometimes it is enough to stop being a “saw”, pay attention to the appearance and try to be interesting not only as the mother of his children and the housekeeper.

You think this is unfair: it changes, and we change? But otherwise, happiness is not easy.

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