What is a controller?

Computer technology continues to grow rapidly in its development, and we all try to keep up with this progress. In this article we will try to understand what a controller is, and also we will get acquainted with the types of controllers and find out where they are used in a computer.


The term "controller" in most cases is used to define a control device in computing and electronics. Also, the word “controller” may denote the governing body of a train and other railway vehicles - “driver's controller”.

There is also a consonant term "controller", which is important not to be confused with "controller". It is worth noting that the term, though similar in spelling, has a completely different meaning.

A controller is a profession or occupation. This is a person whose responsibilities include: control over the situation, employees, subordinates, the state of documents or premises - the scope may be completely different. While a “controller” is a device, device or element of electronics.

Types of controllers

  1. Game controller - needed for games as an input device. A controller of this type usually connects to a gaming device (set-top box, laptop, computer, any other device). In other words, this is a remote control, joystick. It can be in the form of:
    • steering wheel;
    • leverage;
    • special keyboard;
    • dance platform;
    • microphone;
    • steering wheel;
    • pedals;
    • pistols, etc.
  2. Industrial (serves to automate technological processes in the industrial sector). Its component is a programmable logic controller that performs the same functions. The following requirements are imposed on such controllers: it must be highly reliable, especially for work in heavy industry. This type provides such subspecies as programmable and embedded controllers (they work directly in the device, which is subject to one or another control). It is worth noting that sometimes this type of controllers is used for the adjustment of engineering installations of industrial buildings - heating, lighting, ventilation, etc.
  3. The interrupt controller (this is a microcircuit or a block built into the processor that is responsible for handling the interrupt requests of various devices).
  4. A domain controller is a device that controls a computer network - a server. These controllers store data directories, verify their authenticity, search inside directories, and control the interaction of users in the game. Different operating systems use different controllers.
  5. Microcontroller (for controlling electronic devices). In the microcontroller, a program is laid out that controls various electronic devices and interacts between them. Microcontrollers can be found not only in the computer, but even in various household items, be it a TV, a refrigerator or a coffee machine.
  6. System (responsible for organizing the interaction of RAM and processor).
  7. The memory controller is a microcircuit that is responsible for the data flow of the RAM. This element can exist by itself, and can be included in a more complex complex, for example, a microprocessor or a chipset (chipset) to reduce the delay in accessing a computer’s memory.

All of the above types of controllers are somehow used in computer technology.In the computer itself there are many different controllers. This is necessary for the smooth operation of the system. This element performs control of the computer as a whole, is responsible for receiving and transmitting information by one or another device located in the system unit of the computer.

How is the controller used in the computer

The main function still performs the microcontroller. This device is equipped with its own processor and can work independently.

The microcontroller is equipped not only with a processor, that is, a “brain”, but also with auxiliary elements, such as:

  • random access memory (RAM);
  • read-only memory (ROM);
  • clock frequency generator;
  • timers;
  • ports for input and output information;
  • interfaces
  • and other.

An arithmetic logic unit is installed in the “brain” of the microcontroller. It is all the wisdom of the device, because it performs the basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and logical ("and", "or", "if-then" and other) actions.

The microcontroller facilitates the work of the CPU, which speeds up its speed and increases its speed.As for the role of other controllers in the computer, their role is also important. After all, every element of the computer is responsible for important actions, without which the computer will not work correctly.

So, we figured out what a controller is, find out what they are and why they are. Also in the article it was told about exactly how the controller is used in the computer and for what.

Now you, for sure, understood what the controllers are and what types they are divided into. It turned out that everything is not so difficult if you delve into the topic and understand it.

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