What is a French kiss

What does a French kiss look like?

The French themselves call it the kiss of the soul. We can say that this is the most popular kiss in the world. All your emotions: tenderness, passion, love, joy, light excitement - are expressed only by this kiss.The French kiss is not just a technique, it is the highest manifestation of love, a feeling that cannot be expressed in words.
The French kiss is primarily a contact of languages. There are many options: here, by and large, it is impossible to do something right or wrong. First of all, it is a gust of the soul, a splash of emotions.

French kiss: process and technology

Some people put off the French kiss because they think they can't kiss. This is a prejudice. Anyone can kiss - this skill is a kind of instinct, an innate reflex. Another thing is how skillfully and beautifully everyone does it.Do not be afraid to experiment. Appetite comes with eating. In the end, you can just open your mouth during a kiss and wait for what happens next.
A French kiss implies maximum physical contact, so it is best to prepare for it in advance. Everything matters: right time and place, fresh breath, taste, smell. If this is your first experience, then it will leave an imprint on the further relationship with the girl.
Remember a few simple recommendations:
- be more relaxed. Drop fear;
- as for the kiss itself, caressing the tongue is desirable, but not necessary;You should not try to completely stick out the tongue and arrange a tornado in the partner's mouth. It can shock your sweetheart and deliver discomfort.
- touches should be gentle and light. At first, you do not need to dig into the lips of your girlfriend, like a medieval vampire. The French kiss does not tolerate rudeness and excessive pressure.
- control yourself. Try not only to get the most pleasure, but also to deliver it to your partner. Listen to his emotions while kissing. If the girl is tense and shackled, then it is better to change tactics or completely break the kiss. If you have a relationship of trust, then do not be afraid to directly ask what was wrong.

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