What is a portfolio?

Lyubov Polishchuk
Lyubov Polishchuk
April 23, 2013
What is a portfolio?

The English word “portfolio” (portfolio), which means literally a portfolio or folder for documents, firmly settled in our life, actually means a set of employee’s work that determines his or her skills, skills, abilities and knowledge presented from the best side by the employee. Clearly aware of what a portfolio is and that it is intended to convince a potential employer (client) to work with you, you have a tremendous opportunity to find a decent job regarding the information given in this paper.

What should be in the portfolio

In general, the portfolio will look impeccable if it is presented by a certain hybrid of the resume and the best works collected by the applicant. From this it follows that the portfolio should indicate:

  • Full Name;
  • education, advanced training courses;
  • list of certificates, certificates and professional awards;
  • list of previous jobs;
  • list of significant projects developed by a specialist;
  • information about the current position;
  • competitive advantages of the applicant (for example: delivery without delay, taken into work projects; you can be contacted outside working hours, etc.);
  • programs that you own;
  • contact information, link to the electronic portfolio or the address of your own site;
  • examples of finished works for each individual service.

However, if you consider the freelance profession, then it will be quite difficult to answer the question of what is included in a portfolio, for example, a copywriter, but definitely, besides all the above, there should be examples of the best works (advertising texts, slogans, invented names of products, companies, descriptions of goods, etc.).

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