What is better not to joke with women?

A sense of humor is one of the main features of a man's character, which every woman dreams about. Psychologists say that this is not only liked by the fair sex, but also makes the man more attractive and sexy. It is always preferable to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere for a pleasant conversation with a touch of humor, than to listen to smart conversations for hours. But it is worth remembering that in women and men the vision of the same situation can be very different, therefore, jokingly, you must always follow the rules of decency and know the measure.

Forbidden topics

Due to the fact that the system of thinking of girls is based on many shades of the same emotion, you need to think carefully before joking on some topics. And here are some:

  1. Appearance. Having released a joke to the address of make-up, hairstyle, body or appearance features (long nose, ears sticking out), you risk being sent home (or even far away) from the very first minutes of the date. Joke about the appearance - it is too strong a blow to the ego.By the way, if you are married or living together, this does not mean that you can allow yourself to be superfluous. Sostrativ at least once about the arsenal of tools intended for care and neatly exposed on your shelf in the bathroom, you risk long begging for forgiveness. Better pretend not to notice them. It is for your own good.
  2. Age. Many of the fair sex do not like when talking about age alone or in a company, but even if such a conversation is not avoided, and you have already matured a joke about this, think carefully before you say it to a woman. You can miscalculate, as by diminishing your age (she may think that you consider her too young and stupid), so he is exaggerated (after all, all the girls spend a lot of time to look younger).
  3. Problems. You can humor as much as you like, but you shouldn’t better over its problems. When a girl with tears in her eyes tells you about some, in your opinion, little things, the best way to calm her down is to hug, pat her head and whisper pleasant words in her ear. The variant that is common in the men's team is to give a silly joke and laugh at it loudly together,may create an even bigger problem.
  4. Former. In books on etiquette about this is unlikely to write, but in fact it is better to avoid such topics. And men themselves do not always like it when the talk about the former begins, why rush the past? The logic is not always clear, but the fact remains that as soon as you begin to “run into” the ex-boyfriend, she will immediately begin to defend him, even if before that she had been telling him for half a year that he was not far and boring. By the way, guys, from jokes about their ex with your current girl, too, should refuse.
  5. Cooking skills. Even if she feeds you some day already burnt and not salted fried eggs, you can not throw back jokes about it. This will surely lie in your beloved's head and is fraught with either a complete refusal to prepare any food, or a constant fear of doing “wrong” again. If there is something she prepared and really is impossible, take patronage over her and try cooking together.
  6. Relationship with technology. Many girls really have problems with technology. And if she chose the easiest way - she pretended to be stupid and pushed all the repair duties on you, while she herself chuckled softly behind her back, there’s no harm in joking.But there are those who study the instructions, browsing dozens of forums, trying to understand why it does not work. And if an unreasonable thought came to your mind to manifest sexism at such a moment, be prepared that you might not be well. In any, even the calmest girl, after the jokes about an animal with a grenade behind the wheel, such an evil feminist will wake up that your ego may not withstand such a pile.
  7. Pregnancy. If the mother of your unborn child during pregnancy is overgrown with weirdness, which you can laugh at, this means that you should forget about this idea forever. In such a situation it is important to know how to behave properly in order not to hurt her most tender feelings, and jokes will be all the more irrelevant. Do not think to practice wit about her sometimes disproportionate figure, even if the beloved often calls herself an “elephant” or “hippopotamus”. From your mouth it will sound like the worst offense in the world.
  8. Sex. Last in the list, but one of the main ones in fact. No need to make fun of how funny she grunts during intercourse or behaves in the process of role-playing games.Just think that, otherwise, the beloved could just imitate. Would you like to joke?

If you decide that after all the taboos there are no topics left for jokes, you are mistaken. They are sure to be, the main thing is to always think before you say.

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