What is effective to import and export from Uzbekistan

A little about the economy of Uzbekistan

Light industry is best developed in Uzbekistan. In cotton production, the country ranks sixth in the world. As for minerals, Uzbekistan actively exports its own natural gas and gold. The worst situation is with the food industry. For example, domestic cereal production covers only 25 percent of the need. The rest of the grain is imported from other countries, including Russia.

How to establish successful export-import in Uzbekistan

Being guided by economic indicators, the competent businessman will stake on bringing in the country necessary and taking out the inexpensive. Back in Soviet times, Uzbekistan was considered an all-Union cotton plantation. Favorable climatic and landscape conditions have done everything to turn the country into one continuous knitwear factory.
With reference to our country, importing knitwear from Uzbekistan can be really beneficial, given some points. The quality of Uzbek knitwear is not satisfactory, but the lineup is hardly different. Therefore, in order for the business to be efficient, knitted underwear is best to take out of Uzbekistan. In terms of price-quality there is little else where you can find such an optimal product, except in Uzbekistan. As for other knitwear, everything that stands above t-shirts can be safely ignored, since the competitiveness of such products is highly questionable. This is not only the ratio of quality and price, but also the appearance and design of the product. Alas, these figures leave much to be desired.
There are a couple of pitfalls - when organizing your own business, most likely there will be a mass of administrative obstacles. Therefore, to clarify all the nuances of trade, it will be better if you invite a potential Uzbek supplier "to your territory" to discuss the details of future joint activities.
If we take into account the climatic features of Uzbekistan for agriculture and farming, the conclusion about the importation into the country of a number of food products.In any case, food prices in the country are very high, and the less expensive product that emerges immediately becomes popular. For example, cheap canned fish are very popular - sprat and gobies in tomato of Ukrainian origin. Even taking into account the Russian transit, these products can bring substantial profits to the businessman.

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