What is fashionable to wear a brown jacket?

Spring-autumn shopping is a great time for buying outerwear. Coats, raincoats, service jackets and, of course, comfortable and versatile jackets.

Leather things in this list occupy one and the first places. They are practical, beautiful and, fortunately, many, have a long life.

As for colors, modern fabrics and technologies of dyeing can give the skin almost any shade. Today we will talk about brown jackets, which are an excellent alternative to the usual black models.

Timeless classics

Brown is always in fashion, because it is one of the basic colors. And thanks to the many shades, each girl has the opportunity to choose her own. The main advantage of a brown leather jacket is that it fits easily into any style, from business to military.

And therefore you can easily try on different images on yourself, without having to buy a new outerwear.

Making the right ensemble with such a thing is not at all difficult, and you will be convinced of this. We offer you several fashionable and simple options, depending on the cut and style:

  1. Classic blazers or jacket with buttons perfectly combined with business style clothing. Trouser suits, pencil skirts, knee-length, plain blouses or shirts are just what you need. Shoes are suitable shoes or shoes with a small steady heel.
  2. A biker jacket will be a great addition to leggings, light jeans or a jumpsuit, as well as a skirt. For crochet style knitted dresses, jumper and turtleneck suit. As for shoes, everything depends on your preferences.
  3. Women's brown leather jacket, generously decorated with metal elements, will be an excellent basis for creating a biker style. In this case, the girls can afford tight jeans, short denim shorts, and leather trousers, which should be combined with a jacket. Do not forget about the accessories - the belt with a noticeable buckle and kerchief, which can be tied to both the head and the arm.
  4. For active girls who prefer a sporty stylestylists recommend wearing a short jacket that perfectly matches the shirts (cotton, bikey, jeans), sweaters, and shorts of sand or marsh. Camouflage items remain relevant in this ensemble. Complement the image of sports shoes made of leather or suede, with velcro or with laces.

Attention to color

To look stylish and attractive, it is important not only to know the rules of the combination of wardrobe elements, but also the colors of things. So:

Light brown jacket will look great with a hint of ripe tomato. This may be a skirt, pants or dress. Such an ensemble is especially suitable for blondes. Shoes and handbags in this case should be neutral - coffee or beige.

The solemnity of the image will give gold jewelry or jewelry made of precious metal.

Another suitable color scheme is powder. With it, you can create a gentle and romantic bow.

What to wear with a jacket of caramel and camel shades? They are favorably shaded by bright cornflowers, orange and yellow things. The last two options look great with denim clothes (for example, a yellow scarf and blue jeans).

Outerwear coffee or chocolate color does not require special knowledge on the selection of other elements of the wardrobe. But still there are two most spectacular options:

  • Play on the contrast, wearing light trousers or a skirt, and complementing the image with a light scarf of pastel color. In this case, fabric with glitter or shimmering finish is welcome.
  • Clothes of emerald green, bright blue and pink can help to be brighter.

But stylists do not recommend wearing a brown leather jacket with black things. The image is too bleak. All that can save such a bow - bright accessories (belt, jewelry, handbag).

Lovers of glamor should get gold shoes, they perfectly emphasize the silhouette and be sure to pay attention to the slim legs of their mistress.

A brown leather jacket is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman. In it you will always look fashionable and attractive by choosing the appropriate color and style.

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