What is food addiction and how to deal with it

I anticipate outraged exclamations: "If I feel fine, why should I lose weight?", "I love myself for who I am", "Men like full women", "A good man should be a lot", "I do not jam problems, I just love to eat. ”

Stop, stop, no need to panic, let's see.

First, overweight can be caused not only by excessive consumption of food. For example, with endocrine system diseases, with metabolic disorders, while taking certain medications, including hormonal ones, problems with weight occur. Here it is important to be observed by a therapist, an endocrinologist, a gynecologist.

Secondly, there is a formula for the ideal weight: height (cm) - 110 = weight (kg). If your weight exceeds the ideal by 10 kg, you have no problems in the endocrine system and you do not take drugs that affect weight,worth thinking about food addiction.

What causes food addiction?

Carbohydrates, getting into the human body, undergo chemical transformations. The same transformations occur during the breakdown of alcohol.Consequently, "sugar" or carbohydrate-rich food only for a short while raises the mood and causes a surge of energy. If a person catastrophically lacks love and support, he uses harmful food as a drug.

What is food dependence and how to deal with it

And from a psychological point of view? Psychologists like to explain many questions with children's problems. This topic is no exception. Nutritional dependence often occurs in childhood. If a child, for example, was deprived of parental attention, but at home there was always something tasty and sweet, he would learn to compensate for the lack of attention with food. If parents, trying to feed their daughter by any means, persuaded: "Eat the tenth spoon, you will be a good girl," she will get used to thinking that you can only become a good girl. And as you know, programs laid down in childhood have a very long and “reliable” effect on our brain in adulthood: “Well, again, my husband yelled again, I'll go eat half of the cake - and forget, I'm a good girl.” And nothing that the problem is not solved and the partner not stopped on time will scream again and again?

Overeating and changing consciousness

It is known that the human psyche tends to defend itself against existing problems through various mechanisms: denial, suppression, displacement, replacement, projection, and so on.The same thing happens with people suffering from food dependence: they tend not to notice their addiction. I will give examples from the consultation and my comments.

"I eat everything, but little by little"

It turns out that this “all” happens a lot.

"I am constantly on my feet, I can"

Constant work on the legs burns calories, but reduces the weight of a specially designed physical load on all muscle groups.

“I am a hard-working woman and love to eat. I am fine. Only now men come across all bastards "

Yes, the latter did not help you, and even robbed. Let's learn to separate the grain from the chaff, and not to eat chocolate?

"I ate a chocolate bar - and as if I did not go to the director"

We find out that the director breaks down every day, and it's about dislike for his work.

"I eat a lot, but with breaks"

The restriction in food is episodic, after which there is a breakdown. True, like trying to quit smoking?

What is food dependence and how to deal with it

Overeating and body changes

Overeating causes somatic changes in our body:

  • the gastric walls are stretched
  • the development of digestive enzymes (substances that break down food into simple components)
  • changing the activity of the liver and pancreas
  • there is a "pathological appetite." Such an appetite has nothing to do with the real need of the body and is more like an alcoholic craving.

Overeating can lead to:

  • diabetes
  • The launch of a hereditary program of predisposition to obesity

And obesity, in turn, leads to osteochondrosis of the spine, to violations in the work of the gastrointestinal tract (cholelithiasis, holicystitis), to increased blood pressure (it becomes more difficult for the body to supply more blood to the blood, and it raises blood pressure), to the disruption of the respiratory system more oxygen to supply organs and tissues, there is shortness of breath).

Why diets do not help?

Diets, anorexigenic (appetite suppressant) drugs and surgical interventions are temporary success, because they do not solve psychological problems. The problem is usually driven inside the personality, the dependence remains or changes to another. For example, there are cases when people, trying to get rid of food addiction, began to smoke, abuse sports. My friend's friend lost consciousness during her fitness classes.As it turned out, she could not lose weight and rushed to exhaust herself physically. And the goal was not so much to lose weight, how to find yourself - attention! - second half.

What is food dependence and how to deal with it

Is it possible to stop self-destruction?

It is possible, if you approach the matter responsibly and thoughtfully. We divide the recommendations into two sections.


  1. Healthy food. It should exclude from your diet fried, fatty, mayonnaise, pork, flour (bread, buns, cakes, pies). As for sugar, eat no more than one teaspoon per day. Limit the consumption of canned food, sausage, pickles and pickles. Every day add to the diet vegetable salad. For example, 50 g fresh cabbage, 50 g carrots, 50 g raw beets. Within a month, drink multivitamin preparations.
  2. Breakfastis required. Do not start your day without recharging. And yes, a cup of coffee is not an option. Breakfast, we need protein-vitamin. For example, vegetable salad and egg.
  3. Snacks.Take care of the correct snacks, they will save from the evening gluttony. It can be fruits, vegetables (my colleague rubbed home carrots and quietly ate at work), unsweetened yogurt, low-fat cheese with crackers. Snacks can be 3-4 per day.
  4. ChewingChew food well and thoroughly, enjoy the taste. This will help get a feeling of fullness faster. Do not forget to drink water.
  5. RelationshipIt is necessary to treat the diet not as a restriction, but as the first step on the path to health.


  1. AlternativesAs you already understood, it is not safe to “seize” stress. There are many other alternative ways to restore balance. Close people with whom you are good, sports, healthy sex, favorite work ... Think, and what inspires and soothes you? Quests with friends, fitness, oriental dances, yoga? In fact, there are many opportunities for happiness.
  2. Productive communication.In order not to bring yourself to stress, it is important to solve problems without delay. In this case, it is beneficial for your own health to learn to communicate productively. This is a whole topic in psychology, so I will try to write briefly. If something does not suit you, it is unprofitable and dangerous to keep silent, ignore and shout. It is important to talk about your feelings, to express your wishes without affecting the identity of the offender (otherwise there will be offenses, anger and everything will go to waste).

“I was upset that you didn’t clean up after the cat.Please clean up after her. ”

“I will not speak a shout. Please calm down and talk later. "

"Now you want to go to a party with your friends. I will be sad at home alone. What we can do?"

If your interlocutor is adequate, and I am more than sure, you will hear several options for leisure activities: for example, your young man will offer to go together, invite your friends home, go to the movies or go to a concert.

Love and appreciate yourself, remind others about your feelings more often, and questions will be solved faster, more productively and without chocolate.

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