What is good at school?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
April 4, 2013
What is good at school?

Each person gives 11 years of his life to school. During this time, an adult, confident graduate graduates from the first-grader child, around which various personality events take place. After graduating from school, a person receives not only a wide range of knowledge in various fields of science, but also an excellent experience of communication in a team.

The daily monotony that accompanies school education, namely, long hours of sitting at their desks, complex independent tests and tests, boring teachers' presentation of the material often leads pupils to the idea that there is too little good at school, but why all this is necessary. The consequence of such reflections can be as a loss of interest in learning, and a complete refusal to attend school.

Utility acquired in school

Knowledge is power

But not everything is as bad as it seems. It should be understood that the knowledge gained in school will be very useful in the future. Since school curriculum provides for the study of many subjects.While studying at school, you can determine the tendency towards which sciences are developed in a child. And further, to develop this tendency more thoroughly. This can be especially useful during professional orientation, when the future specialty will be chosen.

School friendship

Also, the school is good because the friendship created within its walls often remains the strongest. School friends try to support each other throughout their lives. In addition, everyone has different roads, and a former school friend can become a business partner or a reliable supplier.

The breadth of interests

Attending various school circles and sections gives you the opportunity to find uncharted sides in yourself and discover new opportunities. By accidentally starting to attend a chess section, you can become the winner of various tournaments, and a small role in the theater group at first glance an inconspicuous girl can further open the way to the world of show business.

Tender feelings

Also, the first sympathies and affections often arise within the walls of the school. You can be sure that school love will never be forgotten. Often it ends with strong unions, marriages for life.It is safe to say that the school is doing well, so it is tightly connecting people with each other.

Knowledge of the world

School excursions, visits to museums and theaters are a valuable cultural experience. This helps not only to see the sights and learn interesting stories from the life of many cities, but also significantly expand the range of interests.

Small victories

The school helps to learn to achieve the desired. An example of this may even be the high mark obtained for the test. Not to mention the victories in olympiads, various tournaments and competitions. If a person has learned to win in adolescence, we can say that he will be a winner in life.

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