What kind of wolf is he?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 4, 2015
What kind of wolf is he?

For most of us, the wolf is familiar from Russian folk tales. In them, he is one of the main characters - strong, angry and a bit silly. In fairy tales, the wolf most often turns out to be deceived and deservedly (and sometimes undeservedly) punished for his predatory deeds and ferocious temper. And what is he, a wolf, really? Is he really stupid, as represented in fairy tales? Let's see.

The wolf is a predatory mammal of the canine family. Together with their closest relatives, coyotes and jackals, wolves represent a separate genus of this family - the genus of wolves. Although the wolf is considered to be the direct ancestor of the domestic dog, it is quite difficult to tame this wild animal. You can read more about this in the article How to tame a wolf.

Wolves live in families, hunt in packs. There are also lone wolves, which are called birches. By the way, it used to be the name of unsociable single men leading a reclusive life.

In its family, the wolf is the largest and most powerful predator.Although the size and appearance of wolves are directly dependent on the habitat. The colder the climate and the harsher the natural conditions, the more powerful the wolves that live in this region.

Wolves are very intelligent and socially organized animals. A wolfish society is a flock into which wolves gather to hunt. In the wolf pack, all roles are strictly distributed: there are both their beaters and their killers (miners). Interestingly, the roles are distributed regardless of the gender of the individual. When assigning hunting roles, only the physical and intellectual abilities of an individual are taken into account. How members of the pack manage to “agree” on what each of them will do during the hunt, is still a mystery to zoologists and zoopsychologists. But the fact remains that there is no equal in a collective hunt among other predators to wolves! That is why wolves still pose a serious danger to humans and livestock.

Since for centuries wolves remained one of the most dangerous predators, they were mercilessly exterminated. As a result, today wolves are listed in the Red Book, and hunting in them is prohibited in many countries.

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