What is IMHO?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
January 23, 2015
What is IMHO?

Today, when we spend a huge amount of time online, it is not uncommon to have a variety of Internet terms and words that we have never met in school or at university. So, we are constantly confronted in various forums with the word “IMHO”, which is usually placed at the end of a post or comment. It is not always clear from the context what it may mean. Therefore, in this article we will understand what is IMHO and when it can be used in speech.

IMHO: value

“IMHO” or “IMHO” is an abbreviation in English (IMHO), which began to be written in Russian letters because of its widespread use throughout the network. It stands for “In My Humble Opinion”, which literally means “In my humble opinion”. It’s quite simple to explain such a popularity: typing “IMHO” on the keyboard is much faster than writing “in my opinion”, “it seems to me”, “I believe that”, etc.

When used

Thus, the word “IMHO” is most often used in sentences where it is required to emphasize the subjectivity of judgments and statements.For example, you write your point of view on your page or in the comments of the forum and at the end attribute “IMHO”. This means that you express your opinion or your opinion on the topic, as if to say “I think so.”

At the same time, this Internet term has recently been used as a noun. So, they represent a personal opinion, a set of views or belief. In this context, the word can be used, for example, like this: “My IMHO on this issue contradicts yours”.

Some Internet users even incline this word - “a person without an imha” (which a person without a personal opinion usually describes) or “by his imha” (according to his statement or opinion).

It's funny that today the adjectives from this word often flash on the net. “Imhoshny” and “imkhovy” - the most common options. At the same time, they, as a rule, characterize the subjective opinion of a self-confident person and who does not know how to compromise, who does not accept other people's statements or suggestions. Thus, the word is increasingly moving away from the original meaning, implying a “humble opinion”.

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