What is in my name to you: how can you not call a child

Have you heard such a riddle? "It belongs to you, but others enjoy it." Answer: name. We hear our name throughout life. Some names sound soft, gentle and cause a pleasant feeling to others with their sound, while others, on the contrary, make them cringe internally, tense up. Different scientists, psychologists, parapsychologists, numerologists are sure that the sound of the name greatly influences the formation of character and the fate of a person.

Any mommy wants her child to make the best of everything, right? For this she will take care of him, bring up. However, it turns out, very much envy and on what name the parents will name their child. Approach his choice should be very responsible.

There are several factors that are recommended to pay attention to when choosing a name for a child. But the main taboo - you should not strive to stand out and give children strange names.

Psychiatrists from the United States recently conducted a study and found that people with funny and strange names are four times more than others are predisposed to all sorts of mental complexes.A child with a name or nickname that causes ridicule has been in a defensive position since childhood, which forms certain traits of his character.

What should be paid attention to when choosing a name for a child and how children cannot be named, experts in this field tell readers of Woman’s Day.

What names should not be given to children
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Margarita Yastrebova, parapsychologist
Margarita Yastrebova

- First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to how the child’s first name will sound in combination with the patronymic and surname. It is very important that all this be harmonious. The name is a sound wave that has a direct impact on the formation of a person’s character traits, on his mental qualities, on his concrete actions. The “clumsy” combinations of the name, patronymic and last name “clumsily” are reflected in the character of the holder of this name.

- Do not name the child in honor of the people that you like, liked, in honor of former lovers. The name of the child should realize him, and not crush the authority of another person.

- The name must correspond to the time of birth (must not be from the depth of ages), since the child lives in the modern world.

- It must comply with the place of birth.No need to call the Russian child foreign names.

- During pregnancy, the future mother needs to communicate with the baby and pronounce different names. At the level of vibration, she will feel what name suits him best.

In general, I would advise not to call the child right away, but to look at him for a week. And there it will be easier not to make a mistake with the name. If the child is restless, then it will be possible to balance this character with the help of a “soft” name. If the child is lethargic, sleepy, then give him a more energetic name.

Very important! In no case do not call the boys for a long time with diminutive names. And then Kolya will not grow up a man, and so will be Kolya. Danechka in 30 years will remain infantile Danechka.

Nelly Renzo, energy specialist
Nelly Renzo

- The time of year when the baby was born is important. Depending on this, you need to give a name. Having correctly picked it up, you will be able to strengthen some character traits, and some, on the contrary, smooth it out.

So, for example, the December and February children are stubborn, restless, especially Igorevichi, Olegovich, Dmitrievich. They should be given temperament emollient names: Alexey, Mikhail, Sergey, Andrei, Milana, Elena, Vasilisa.

March is vulnerable, sensitive, squeamish. They are suitable Dmitry, Igor, Konstantin, Karina, Maria, Catherine.

Those born in the summer can be called Eduards, Stanislavs, Olegs, Allami, Julia.

- Do not name the child after the deceased relatives. People with the same name and patronymic have a higher risk of an accident.

- Girls do not want to give male names (Valeria, Eugene, Alexander). Girls - carriers of such names in the character develops many male traits, they have difficulty in arranging personal life, get married late, cannot get along with their spouse.

Fateful and unsuccessful names there. Often the name of one person with a difficult fate can be happy for another. Here it is important how a person, bearing his name, feels himself. There are many examples when people change their name at a conscious age and get a better life. This is solely due to the fact that they begin to believe in this transformation, as a result it turns out.

And the most important thing in all of this is love. After all, a child beloved and respected by their parents will surely become successful. And no matter how you responsibly choose the name, do not forget that the child develops best in caring and love.

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