What is meteosensitivity and how is it dangerous?

The latest results of scientific works have confirmed: in order for the processes in our body to be quickly rebuilt in accordance with changing environmental conditions, the senses should receive enough visual, sound, tactile and other information about the phenomena occurring in nature. However, more and more noise of the city, prolonged stay in closed rooms, artificial lighting, trips in transport instead of walking, which removes hypodynamia, the impact of industrial electromagnetic fields muffle information about geomagnetic field disturbances, weather changes, daily rhythms of day and night.

So it turns out that when the intensity of natural information, for example, during the magnetic storm, becomes more powerful than industrial and other urban noise, our body, not “hearing” the harbingers of this storm, does not have time to adjust to the new state of the environment and respond to it is a deterioration of well-being,increased blood pressure and other adverse reactions. Scrapping most often occurs in those organs or systems that have recently worked in the highest voltage mode.

So, there can be only one conclusion: man as a biosocial being cannot and should not break away from the pulse of the biosphere, which determines the biological basis of life activity. Solving large social problems, working with complete dedication of strength and energy, each of us, if he wants to stay healthy, must re-learn to see and hear nature.

A meteo-sensitive person — overworked or weakened by illness, when receiving a long-term medical geophysical forecast, should, in advance, gradually try to synchronize his internal processes with changes in the meteorological and geophysical situation. I draw readers' attention to the fact that drugs often exacerbate the "deafness" of the body to natural phenomena. Therefore, their use is justified only in the period of illness and in the early stages of recovery. In the future, together with the doctor, it is advisable to outline a complex of non-drug therapy, including physiotherapy, reflexology, massage, therapeutic physical training, breathing exercises, and water procedures.And of course, always to be in good shape will help you a full sleep, physical education, communication with nature, in other words - a healthy lifestyle.

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