What is ovulation?

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What is ovulation?

In women, ovulation is the release of an egg from the ovaries into the fallopian tube, where it becomes available for fertilization with spermatozoa. Only one egg cell is released, every month approximately in the middle of the cycle - for example, on the 14th day with a 28 day cycle. Ovulation lasts 24 hours, at this time the woman has the greatest chance of becoming pregnant. But pregnancy can also occur if there are viable sperm cells in the fallopian tubes. Viability of spermatozoa lasts up to 7 days. Thus, a woman has a high chance of becoming pregnant within a few days before and after ovulation.

Women in the period of ovulation note an increase in mood, an increase in sexual desire, an improvement in skin condition. This is the mechanism by which nature helps a woman to attract a partner and a potential father, since it is during the ovulation period that the probability of conceiving a child is greatest. But such manifestations are individual, all women experience ovulation in different ways and it is impossible to accurately determine it by physical sensations or appearance. The menstrual cycle is directly related to ovulation and is regulated by hormones.Menstruation is the removal of a dead egg from the body, if it was not fertilized during ovulation.

What is an ovulation test?

Many women, for various reasons, want to know exactly when they ovulate. Some to avoid unwanted pregnancy, others on the contrary, to successfully conceive a child. Unambiguously and clearly determine the date of ovulation only on the menstrual cycle is impossible, for this there are various tests. What is an ovulation test? This is a test that determines the level of hormones in a woman's body. There are ready-made tests for ovulation, which are sold in pharmacies and on the method of use are similar to pregnancy tests. Such tests determine the level of luteinizing hormone in the urine, which on normal days of the cycle is at a minimum level, but about a day before ovulation, its level rises sharply. How to use tests for ovulation - it is necessary to conduct tests every day for several days, starting about 3-4 days before the middle of the cycle, fixing the results, preferably twice a day, since a high level of the hormone lasts less than 24 hours, ovulation occurs next a day after the test gives a positive result.The test for ovulation can be performed independently, measuring the temperature in the rectum, the day before ovulation, it drops sharply.

What is ovulation stimulation?

It happens that ovulation does not occur for one reason or another - due to hormonal disruption, illness, or age-related menopause (menopause). In the ovaries, women do not ripen full-fledged eggs suitable for fertilization, as a result, a woman cannot become pregnant. What is the stimulation of ovulation is a hormonal treatment in order to form eggs capable of fertilization and, accordingly, conceiving a child. Stimulation of ovulation is not a universal treatment for infertility, it helps only in cases where the problem in the allocation of eggs and their maturation, but if pregnancy does not occur due to obstruction of the fallopian tubes or low mobility of sperm, stimulation will not help. Stimulation of ovulation is performed only by doctors, and must be accompanied by regular tests and ultrasound because it is carried out with the help of strong hormonal preparations. One cycle of drugs can last up to three courses - three menstrual cycles.Stimulation of ovulation is not recommended more than 5-6 times in life, otherwise it may affect the ovaries and accelerate the onset of menopause.

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