What is Parking Douche from The Village

The main objective of this application - the fight against drivers who do not comply with the rules of parking. The Parking Douche application is designed for devices running the Android operating system. To install it on a smartphone or tablet computer, you can use the service play.google.com.
After installing the application, restart the smartphone. To transfer information to the official resource, you need to take two pictures. The first frame should contain a general background on which the offense will be recorded. After that, you must take a picture of the number of the car. After uploading photos to the database, a form will open in which you should enter information about the vehicle: registration number, body type and its color.
It is worth noting that the application automatically adds information about geographical location to photos. This allows the system to continue to provide information about those offenders who may be in close proximity to visitors of the resource.
If you have installed the Parking Douche application, you will automatically be sent photos of cars recorded in your area. In addition, when visiting the site of The Village magazine users, a banner will be shown that makes it difficult to read the article. Visitors can either close the window or spread information about the offender using social networks.
New versions of the application are designed to work with Apple devices. You can download them from the official App Store resource. It is important to note that many large countries, including England and the United States, are interested in this application and its very idea. Shortage of parking places is also peculiar to other countries with developed infrastructure.

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