What is self-leveling floors

Self-leveling floors under the screed are dry mixes of sand and cement with polymer additives for various purposes. It would be more correct to call them mixtures for screeds or repair mixtures, since they are used specifically for repairing concrete floors or for leveling them by pouring screed onto the old floor. This coating can not be final and requires, after drying, a covering of carpet, linoleum, laminate, parquet, tile. It can be used in all premises - both residential and office, including in the external repair. Cement floor screed requires special attention during the freezing period. If the temperature is too high, and the humidity is low, the liquid coating will crack, before it can dry completely.
Making a concrete-cement self-leveling screed, especially large thickness, is not so easy. In order to prevent the concrete from drying out unevenly ahead of time, it is covered with polyethylene or a damp cloth and watered. Cement grabs in about a week, and after this time it is already possible to walk on it.However, full curing occurs only after a month, and until that time no final work can be carried out on the self-leveling floor, such as covering the floor with parquet, laminate or other materials. It is impossible to work with heavy objects on the self-leveling floor and to move gravity along it until it is completely frozen, since this can deform the surface. After a month since the moment of pouring has passed, the floors can be used for all of the above, as the concrete gains about 95% strength during this time. On this, the concrete coating does not stop, and over time, the strength of some concrete products reaches 150%, i.e. over time, high-quality concrete turns almost to stone.
Bulk polymer floor is a material, the basis for which are polymeric binders, such as epoxy or polyurethane. Polyurethane floors have better performance than epoxy. This material is applied to the surface by pouring and serves as an upper, final layer for the floor that does not require another coating. Polymeric self-leveling floors have a lot of advantages, the main of them is wear resistance and durability.Also, an undoubted advantage is a large variety of colors and textures that can be represented with the help of polymeric self-leveling floors. In addition to the choice of any shade and any combination thereof, it is permissible to use chips, glitters and any other fillers in polymeric self-leveling floors. Most often used polyurethane self-leveling floors in various institutions, public administrative buildings, shops, hospitals, offices.

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