What is stomatitis?

Types of stomatitis

Stomatitis is an inflammatory disease of the oral mucosa. The mucous membrane of the oral cavity communicates with the external environment and can easily be exposed to various irritating factors: mechanical, thermal, chemical, microbial, viral, physical, allergic (exo-or endoallergens). The most frequent manifestation of all irritating factors is stomatitis.
Often, stomatitis can be combined with other inflammatory diseases, but it should not be confused with glossitis, in which the tongue is exposed to the effects, cheilitis affecting the lips, palatinitis, which is a disease of the palate. Depending on the causes and symptoms, the following types of stomatitis are distinguished: allergic, catarrhal, aphthous, fungal, herpetic, traumatic.

Signs of stomatitis

The most common type is catarrhal stomatitis, signs of which are redness and swelling of the oral mucosa.Such stomatitis can be provoked by failure to observe basic hygiene rules.
Allergic stomatitis may occur as a result of an organism’s hypersensitivity to a specific chemical irritant, which a medical device may well become. Often, allergic stomatitis occurs when full removable dentures are worn by older people, since the plastic from which these dentures are made contains dye and residual monomer. If there is such a problem, you should replace the plastic of the prosthesis with a colorless one.
Fungal stomatitis is characterized by a white patina on the mucous membrane, which can be removed by scraping. In the people, this disease is called thrush. Fungal stomatitis is caused by yeast fungi that belong to the genus Candida.
To herpetic stomatitis leads infection with the herpes virus.
In aphthous stomatitis, sores are observed in the oral cavity - aphthae - with a red border around the periphery. Such stomatitis is characterized by seasonal exacerbation in the autumn-winter period.
Traumatic stomatitis occurs as a result of inflammation of mechanical lesions in the oral cavity.

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