What is the base for makeup?

Makeup can work wonders. He, when properly executed, will be able to hide shortcomings and highlight advantages. Many people create a make-up base when creating makeup. And what is it? How to use it and how to choose such a tool?

Increases durability

What it is?

So, the base for makeup is a tool that is applied to the skin before creating makeup and is designed to even out the surface and make the color more natural. In addition, cosmetics will go much better, which will simplify the procedure.

The main components of all bases are pigments and silicone. Pigments eliminate imperfections of color, mask small specks. And silicone is necessary for alignment.

It literally fills up irregularities and makes the surface almost perfect. But it also includes other components that depend on the purpose of the product. It may be some kind of matting or moisturizing ingredients, plant extracts, vitamins, and so on.

It should be noted that these tools have several disadvantages.So, they heavily make up. In the heat, a person can sweat a lot, because the silicone at the base will create an airtight film. And because of this, serious problems can begin. And in severe frosts because of the same silicone, you can even get frostbite. In addition, the tool does not mask serious flaws (significant bumps or large pimples).

What are they like?

Before you learn how to choose a base, find out what types of such funds can be.

For face

They have different effects

Facial bases are applied directly to the face, helping to eliminate imperfections and prepare the skin to create makeup. In turn, such means may be different, it all depends on the purpose:

  • Smoothing foundation for make-up is necessary for those who already have the first wrinkles. Components of the tool will fill the grooves, making the surface smooth, which will improve the appearance of the face.
  • Corrective bases will help correct skin imperfections. They may have different shades. But if you saw, for example, a green base, this does not mean that after applying the face will turn green, making you look like a frog. In fact, all shades are compared with the skin color, but at the same time they allow you to correct imperfections. So, the white color helps to lighten the face a little and give it a freshness.Pink shades are needed for those whose skin tone is close to gray (yes, and it happens). After application, the face will be beautiful, like porcelain. The yellow color helps to eliminate blue, which is necessary if there are obvious bruises under the eyes. Green base will save you from redness, for example, small pimples or traces of a long tan. Lilac base will help eliminate the yellowness of the skin. Blue also helps to correct the yellowness and mask the consequences of unsuccessful experience of using tools for tanning.
  • Moisturizing base will contain nutrients that moisturize the skin. This is necessary for those whose skin is dry (because makeup can dry it even more).
  • If you have to stay in the sun for a long time, then you should give preference to the basics that have sun protection properties. These products will help protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.
  • Some products contain unique reflective particles that allow the skin to be radiant, pearly. But such a base will not mask defects.
  • Matting makeup base contains particleswhich will remove excess fat skin and hide the expanded pores.

What is the best base? It's up to you. But be sure to consider the features of your skin.

For the ages

Bases under the shadows are applied to the eyelids immediately before applying the shadows. Here is what it gives:

  • The composition on the eyelids will last longer. Nothing will crumble, roll, clump, flow or smear.
  • The shade of the shadows may look brighter and more beautiful.
  • Shading is very easy. They perfectly fit, they just get shuffled.
  • If you have oily skin age, the use of shadows can be a big problem. But the matting base will help to avoid trouble, as it will slightly dry the skin.
  • If the color of the eyelids is not perfect, then select a base of skin tone to get a natural tone.
  • The shining base will enhance the brilliance of the shadows, causing them to sparkle in the light.

For lips

The lip base should be applied before lipstick or shine. It will eliminate irregularities, make the surface seductive and smooth. If the lips are dry, then the remedy will moisturize and nourish them.

And some bases contain components that can increase the volume of the lips.In addition, the composition may include caring, healing, sunscreen and anti-aging substances. As a result, you will get beautiful sexy lips, and the gloss or lipstick will be perfect and will last for a long time, without spreading and not over drying your delicate skin.

For eyelashes

Such bases are used before applying mascara. They are able to increase the volume and length of cilia. In addition, the mascara will be applied easier and better, without forming lumps and irregularities. And even the agent after application will not be showered, leak or smear.

Large selection of funds

The basics, by the way, can contain useful healing components that nourish the cilia and accelerate their growth, as well as protect them from the loss and negative impact of environmental factors. It is better to purchase transparent bases, produced in flacons with brushes.

How to use?

How to apply such funds? Here are some basic rules:

  • It is better to apply the product to the skin of the face with hands, gently smearing it over the entire surface with finger pads. It is necessary to wait a few minutes to absorb the base.
  • Apply a thin layer to the lips, preferably with a brush. But it is more convenient to choose a base in the form of a stick or a pencil.
  • The foundation for the shadows is applied to the eyelids before applying the shadows using a concealer or eye shadow brush.
  • The base under the mascara should not be applied in a thick layer, otherwise you will make the eyelashes look like sticks. After applying the tool must necessarily dry.

Overview of some tools

There are anti-aging options

We offer to study the reviews of some of the tools:

  • Many people like the “Mac” base. It makes the skin less greasy, make-up better. But the means to get rid of irregularities and defects will not help. And also it is not suitable for everyone, especially for daily use. The price is about 1,500 thousand rubles.
  • The tool "Dior" pleases many. It does not dry the skin, lays well and makes the makeup smooth. In addition, the make-up lasts much longer and does not deteriorate. Such a tool is worth about 2 thousand rubles.
  • Base «Chanel» has very controversial reviews. Some are happy with it, others have not noticed a positive effect. In addition, the basis is not suitable for everyone. It costs about 1500 thousand.
  • Means "Smashbox" has a wide range of colors. The base masks the flaws and has a delicate texture. But there are those to whom the remedy did not fit. The cost is approximately 1300-1400 rubles.
  • The base of "Clarins" many are satisfied.But there are some drawbacks: not the best texture (too thick). Everything else is good. Price: about 1,300 rubles.
  • "Oriflame" - affordable means (about 350 rubles). Many are happy with it, although not everyone notices the effect.

Good luck with your choice!

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