What is the benefit of therapeutic fasting for health?

Unfortunately, food in the modern world cannot always be called ecologically clean. But what to say about the environment, when it does not always meet even sanitary standards. Often in the composition of the products that we eat, you can detect substances that are in no way needed by our body. In other words, instead of benefit, people unintentionally harm themselves.

Most toxins that enter our body through food are excreted in the urine or sweat. Some substances remain inside us forever, because the human body cannot cope with this problem on its own. It is in this case that medical fasting comes to the rescue - it kind of pushes the body to cleanse and remove the "stuck" harmful substances.

The most difficult to remove substances are heavy metals, transgenic fats and nitrates. Researchers have proven that with the help of voluntary starvation, the body is able to excrete these toxins.Having found a balance between hunger and food, a person will not only feel good, but also avoid slagging. In addition, such a balance will have a positive effect on the work of the stomach, because it also needs to be given rest.

The effect of therapeutic fasting on the body

There is no secret in the action of medical fasting, it simply affects the human body. The thing is that the body spends most of the total energy on digesting food. Refusing to eat for a while, he directs all his energies towards cleansing and healing.

During medical fasting, the body eats, roughly speaking, from the inside. In the course are all the accumulated reserves, which are mainly adipose tissue. Following the adipose tissue, the body begins to remove substances that have a more complex chemical composition. These substances are harmful slags and toxins. In other words, saving themselves from hunger, the body will not harm itself, but will eat what it will have to. This is the essence of therapeutic fasting.

Practicing therapeutic fasting, you need to stop in time. If this is not done, then the splitting of muscle tissue will be used, which, you see, there is no use.

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