What is the mains voltage?

Victoria Dmitrieva
Victoria Dmitrieva
December 27, 2012
What is the mains voltage?

The state’s stable energy system not only speaks of the power of its potential, but also helps to be a durable household equipment of an ordinary citizen. The flashing incandescent lamp is alarming for household appliances and the perceived question of an understanding person, and what is the voltage in the network?

The fact that contributes to the work of all our household appliances, namely the unit of alternating current voltage in the network, is called the mains voltage. The unit of voltage measurement is Volt, denoted "B". The voltage is oriented to the frequency of the alternating current, measured in Hertz, denoted "Hz". The ratio of voltage and frequency of current determines the technical conditions for the operation of most electrical appliances.

The image of "220V" near electrical outlets, has become familiar to our eyes. But this is exactly what the voltage in the network is. The state standard for Russia, as well as for most countries of the former Soviet Union, is 220 volts at a frequency of 50 Hertz.The tolerance is 10%, which does not affect the quality of the work of equipment.

The higher the voltage, the more efficiently it reduces losses in the transmission of electrical energy. It promotes the use of electrical appliances with greater power. In turn, this increases the effects of electric shock. After all, a person is struck by a current, not a voltage! It is necessary to know that the sign “avst - high voltage” does not hint at what voltage in the network, but indicates a high current strength.

It should be noted that the world community is not unique in the use of a single network voltage. For example, North America practices the standard 110V at 60 Hz, Japan 100V at 50 Hz (60 Hz), Canada 130V at 60 Hz or Kuwait 240V at 50 Hz. Keep this in mind, because even a simple charger for a phone can spoil it in another country, not knowing what the voltage is.

This aspect is taken into account by the global industry and there are adaptations that allow adapting the equipment intended for one network voltage to another. They also stabilize the amount of voltage in the network. These converters are called transformers and they are necessary in everyday life.The production of modern electrical equipment involves the use of technology under various electrical conditions, and therefore permits a wide range of voltages used.

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