What is the use of garden therapy

Garden therapy is a little-studied area of ​​both psychology and medicine. However, a link has already been revealed between the use of human gardening and the improvement of his mental health.
Classes on garden therapy are held respectively in botanical gardens, as well as in other places that are rich in their vegetation. Affordable gardening allows a person to expand his boundaries, get rid of the barriers that stand in his way. The very beginning of gardening already means that a person has joined a socially useful activity. This may be the first step towards its adaptation in society.
Many different types of plants help to stimulate and develop the sensory feelings of people, their tactile sensations. This is very important for people with disabilities, disabled people. All those visual images that surround a person in the garden, a positive effect on his inner psychological state.
The ability to grow a new plant gives a person hope and faith in the good. There is a motivation for further activities. The healthy growth of a flower gives a person confidence in himself, increases his self-esteem.
Garden therapy also helps in the cognitive sphere of a person. To the plant does not die, you need to learn how to care for him. With the acquisition of new knowledge, a person develops the intellect, trains his memory, learns to direct his attention in the right direction.
In general, gardening reduces stress to a minimum, relieves depression, aggressive behavior. Being outdoors is always beneficial to both the physical and mental health of a person.

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