What is useful rowan?

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What is useful rowan?

Rowan for centuries is known for its healing properties. It is found in central Russia, in May the mountain ash begins to bloom, by September (or a little later) the fruits can be collected. There are several ways to eat rowan - it can not be processed and eaten fresh, if you want to keep the rowan berries longer, then it can be dried or pickled, as well as cooked delicious jam, syrup or tincture.

What is useful rowan for the body?

First of all, the fact that it contains a large amount of vitamin C, which makes it indispensable in the cold period - you can brew tea with rowan, just by adding some berries to the teapot.

In folk medicine, mountain ash is used for kidney disease, it has diuretic properties, by the way, it can also be used for problems with the bladder, more precisely, for its inflammation.

Rowan tincture on vodka can be used for rheumatism, the same tincture is used for constipation.

In order to prevent hypertension and atherosclerosis, you can use rowan juice, it reduces cholesterol in the blood and stimulates blood flow. However, remember that mountain ash is also a powerful antibiotic, so it�s still not necessary to be carried away by its administration in raw form.

Rowan on guard of beauty

Good use of mountain ash and those who care about the beauty of their skin, masks based on mountain ash will help to even out skin tone, to preserve its youth and beauty. For such a mask, you will need to mix about one hundred grams of mountain ash with honey, apply the mixture to the skin of the face and wait for about half an hour, then wash off the mask with water. It is necessary to make such masks on a regular basis, a couple of times a week.

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