What Italian women wear, or the most important thing about Italian chic

Julia Manukova

Julia Manukova,
stylist, fashion editor

The last time only talk that about the French fashion and who manage without any difficulty to dress simply and at the same time seductive. But what if you take and look for inspiration from the bright Italians? Their style, noticeable and charismatic, fascinates at first sight. They know how to dress up "too much", but not to go beyond; they are able to make an extremely elegant look, but to flavor it with impressive accessories. True, these women, like no one else, ironically refer to all fashionable rules, and to things with humor, especially if they wear something incredible - feathers or a leopard fur coat. The latter, I must say, and make up the wardrobe of almost any Italian fashionista. But first things first!


Feathers are very loved by Italians. It seems that the designers of large fashion houses for them and create fantasy things, which few people will decide.Southern women do not wear them for the sake of getting into the lenses of street-style photographers - they sincerely adore the most bizarre. But it is important to say that even in the most eccentric attire of the Italians do not forget about shoes with heels and feminine make-up. Therefore, no associations with urban crazy - all in terms of fashion, style and adequacy.

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