What does the star of the cult film “Yesenia” look like now?

Mexican actress Jacqueline Andere will be 80 soon!

After the melodrama about the fate of the beautiful gypsy woman in 1971, Yevgenia’s names among newborn girls became several times larger. And not only in the whole of Latin America, but in Russia. In our country, the tape was incredibly popular. But what to say, and now all generations love and remember her. Not surprisingly, before the anniversary of the leading woman Jacqueline Ander, requests for how she now looks appear on the Internet more often.

The full name of the actress, we note, sounds like Maria Esperanza Jacqueline Andere Aguilar. She was born on August 20, 1938 in Mexico City, and began her film career at the age of 20, in 1959. At first, as often happens, the actress mostly starred in the episodes. And only in 24 years she received the first leading role in the television series “The Agony of Love”. Since then, her career has gone up sharply, and after eight years, Jacqueline, having received the role of Yesenia in the eponymous film, has become a world celebrity.

Jacqueline Andere as Yesenia
Photo: frame from the film

After “Yesenia”, the actress began to be associated exclusively with this role. But then she played the main characters in many other worthy films and TV shows, such as “Divorce” of 1973, “The Curse” of 1983, “My destiny is you” of 2000, “True heroes” of 2010 and many, many others .

Currently, Andere has more than 70 projects. And this is not the limit. Jacqueline continues to act in films, and is currently involved in the TV series Love Outlaw.

Also the star of Latin America takes part in theatrical performances, often becomes a guest of social events. However, in his 79 years, Jacqueline Andre looks great! And how she stylishly dressed ...

As for the personal life of a star, it is very stable. At 23, the actress married a famous Argentine director José Fernandez Unsain, with whom she lived for 30 long years, until his death in 1997. The couple had a daughter, Chantal Andere. She is 46 years old, and she, like her mother, is an actress of theater and cinema.

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