What outfit to choose on March 8

The opinion of the majority agrees that the most suitable outfit for this holiday can be considered a dress. But what style to choose - it depends on the purpose for which the outfit is chosen. If a woman is going to work, she can attract the attention of colleagues with a strict dress of elegant style, in restrained colors. You can also wear a fluffy skirt with a blouse, slightly changing the usual hairstyle. A high heel will add elegance to any look.

If you are going to corporate parties with colleagues, you can slightly change your daily look and, instead of an office suit, wear a refined dress of medium length. It is not scary if it is with a bright pattern. It is important that there is nothing defiant in the dress.

But going to spend the evening at the club, the girl can afford to experiment with both the length and style of the dress, and with its color. The main thing is that it attracted the attention of others. The choice of shoes remains important. It should be comfortable, with a steady heel. After all, her mistress is planning to dance all night.

A date with a loved one in a restaurant requires a more careful selection of the dress for the evening.In the case when there is little time to prepare a completely unusual look, a dress made of lace is ideal. A man will not be able to take his eyes off the translucent fabric and alluring patterns. You should not be afraid of more open dresses with deep cuts, inserts of transparent fabric, mini-dresses that open up slender legs. The decor of the dress, consisting of stones, rhinestones and other decorative elements, will help to make the atmosphere more festive, romantic, will emphasize the zeal with which the girl picked out the outfit for a date.

An erroneous opinion is that long dresses are not suitable for dating. They also fascinate men with elegance, give the opportunity to "undress the eyes" of his companion.

If the girl wants to create a sexy image - she can opt for an elegant dress with a bare back and a deep neckline. It is desirable that such a dress was black or red. A few accessories that match the tone will make a fashionista simply irresistible.

To any, even the most beautiful dress, you need to choose the right jewelry. They can be a beautiful smile and a good mood, and then even the most boring holiday will turn into a fairy tale.

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