What payments are laid single mother in 2018

It is necessary to take into account that the status of a single mother is not assigned to all women who are independently raising a child. Only in cases where the father of the child is unknown (or paternity is not established properly), the woman is considered a single mother. Women who bring up a child in a so-called incomplete family (for example, after a divorce) or in cases where the father of the child has been deprived of parental rights or died cannot be considered single mothers. The meaning boils down to the fact that in order to be assigned the status of a single mother in the birth certificate of a child in the �father� column, there should be a dash or a record from the words of the mother to her last name.
By law, single mothers are paid all the same cash benefits from the state as any other mother in Russia. This includes a lump-sum payment for early registration during pregnancy, allowance for the birth of a baby, as well as payments for the period of child care (within one and a half years from the moment of birth).In addition, each region of the country has its own additional benefits and compensation. Also, a single mother is paid a monthly allowance if her income is less than the subsistence minimum, and compensation payments if the income exceeds the subsistence minimum.
In addition to monetary compensation, you are entitled to benefits in preschool and school institutions (of course, in state institutions). They include 75% compensation for kindergartens (in some cases, the share paid by the state may be substantially less), the priority enrollment in kindergarten, provided that your child is at least a year and a half.
If you work, you have the right to reduce the number of business trips and night hours. At the same time, on night shifts and holidays, single mothers are allowed to work only with the written consent. You are entitled to full payment of the sick-list, even if the child is sick. If your company is liquidated, you are guaranteed employment.
As a single mother, you have the right to an additional two-week vacation and four paid weekends per month in excess of the norm.If suddenly you care about a disabled child, you have the right to demand a reduction in the work week. Women in this status are entitled to tax and housing benefits. You are entitled to double tax deductions (up to two thousand rubles) on your children until the age of majority.

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