What products cause premature graying hair

Sugar or sugar products, such as soft drinks and fast food, can cause premature graying of hair. Sugar deprives the body of vitamin E, which is the most important vitamin for hair growth. It also interferes with the normal absorption of proteins, which are the building material for nails and hair. Replace artificial sugars with natural ones that are present in fruits and vegetables.
Although salt is very necessary to maintain normal water balance, it can also have a detrimental effect on hair when it is consumed excessively.
Monosodium Glutamate is a dietary supplement that enhances the taste, smell of any foods and dishes. It is added to processed foods, canned vegetables, soups, etc. Although this additive is approved for use, its high content may cause side effects.For example, monosodium glutamate can affect the body's metabolism and can cause graying hair.
Excessive consumption of animal protein in the form of meat or fish leads to early graying of hair. The human digestive system cannot digest some animal proteins and they are directly converted to uric acid. Excessive production of uric acid causes graying hair.
In the production of enriched white flour, some useful substances are extracted and metallic impurities are added that the human body cannot digest. Thus, the hair does not receive the necessary substances for their growth and early gray hair may appear.

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