What should be the food for the eyes?

Our eyes - one of the three organs, along with the ears and the vestibular apparatus, which helps to clearly navigate in space. It is thanks to them that a person receives about 90% of the information about the world that surrounds him. But it happens that the vision may begin to deteriorate, and there may be many reasons for this. In order to prevent such a problem, our organs of vision need proper rest, as well as food. The latter will be discussed in more detail.

And the scent, like a dog, and the eye, like an eagle

The modern world is hard to imagine without electronics. But it, besides its benefits, is often the cause of vision problems. A long time spent behind a TV, computer, tablet or smartphone leads to fatigue, redness, and even the development of various diseases.

That is why physicians unanimously recommend eating properly so that your eyes can clearly see the beauty of the world around. The principle of such a system is very simple - you need to eat foods rich in vitamins A, C and E.

Vitamin A is part of the pigment of the retina, and its deficiency in the body will immediately make itself felt - at dusk and at night a person begins to see worse.

Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels, and the state of the organs of vision is inextricably linked with them. As soon as pressure rises, blood circulation in the retina is disturbed, and therefore, visual acuity may decrease.

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants, supporting the health of the body, and not allowing the tissues to age prematurely. This means that the risk of retinal changes and the development of tumors is significantly reduced.

What's on the menu?

Now let's find out which products are the most beneficial.

  1. Carrot. Many people remember from childhood this grated vegetable with sour cream and sugar. It was not for nothing that he was persuaded to eat by his mother and grandmother, because this is a storehouse of beta-carotene. But you really need to eat carrots with sour cream or butter, since carotene is a fat-soluble component, and is fully digested only if combined with fat.
  2. Blueberries These small berries are rich in vitamin C. To support good vision, you need to eat at least 10 glasses per season, and do not forget to make blanks for the winter by chipping blueberries with sugar.In frozen form and even in jam, it retains all its beneficial properties.
  3. Spinach and pumpkin. They contain lutein, which helps prevent the development of cataracts and other diseases. Suitable dishes of these vegetables can be found for everyone, because you can not only stew them, but also make soups, casseroles, pies, desserts, salads and many more other goodies.
  4. Fish is an indispensable source of omega-3 fatty acids. Red varieties of fish are especially rich in them, as well as herring, mackerel and sardines. Children, as well as adults, it is not superfluous to also periodically eat fish oil.
  5. Cottage cheese. It consists of riboflavin, which activates the process of metabolism in the cornea and lens. And vitamin B12 will improve blood circulation.
  6. Bulgarian pepper and avocado. It turns out that these products contain several times more vitamin C than in carrots. But the leader in this group is apricot.
  7. Nuts and sprouts of wheat. A daily dose of vitamin E can be obtained by eating a handful of hazelnuts or Brazil nuts. The same amount is contained in 1 tbsp. ground wheat or rye seedlings.
  8. Bitter chocolate. Natural product without impurities and additives will be one of the best.means for strengthening the vessels of the cornea. He gained this ability due to the content of flavonoids.

Eating for the eyes should be varied. Optimum, if it is four meals a day, each of which will include vegetables, fruits and dishes of them - freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, salads, desserts, as well as cereals and sour-milk products. To improve visual acuity, it is useful to eat green and orange fruits, soybeans and eggs.

As you can see, the list of products is quite rich, which means that you have a field for culinary experiments that will not only decorate your daily table, but will also bring real benefits.

Eat right and stay healthy!

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